Starting Over With Your Exercise Program Isn't Really Starting Over

Based on statistics most people who start a program quit. It's a stat most health clubs know, and part of the reason they oversell their capacity because it takes about twenty-eight days before the masses who signed up in a state of frenzy, with great intention and high hopes fly the coop and quit. The yo-yo effect of this real occurrence resembles very much what happens when people start a new diet.

There's a reason for this, which has to do primarily with having expectations set too high, and then comes the dagger of disappointment, with results being too low. It's not 100% the fault of the individual for failing, because advertising sells them a bill of goods that are flawed. They sell the dream, paint a beautiful picture in 30 seconds or so and make you believe heaven is waiting for you right around the corner in as little as a few weeks.

Before you know it, in a blink of an eye, with virtually no effort of participation, you'll be prancing and frolicking along a drop dead gorgeous beach with the world at your feet with your new gorgeous body. No shit Sherlock, with all this upside, who has time to think about failing, and yet it happens, not once, but several times.

Nevertheless, all it takes is a little down time of not working out getting even fatter, before that 30 second spot magically appears, promising you that heavenly body. Once again you fall for it even though the same result as last time is imminent, but it matters not, because this time around you're sure as hell you'll follow through, which you don’t, but in all fairness, you must give yourself a nice pat on the head, because you went farther than your last attempt, yea.

It really is true that time heals just about everything, except for insanity. But worry not, there really is a silver lining here, as small as it may be. You see, every time you start over on your exercise program, especially if you go a little farther each time, your body, because it really is fantastic in spite of you, forever imprints the exercise you did on its DNA. For this very simple reason, when you start again, your body goes right back to where you left off, unlike when you start from scratch. Now, get off your ass and exercise.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)