Change the angle change the results

There are so many misconceptions regarding the proper way to weight train for targeted results. First of all, there must be specific training objectives for creating maximum benefits, for example are you weight training for muscle gain, muscle endurance, or muscle strength. Most individuals are confused in this area right out of the gate. For example, one big misconception is that to put on maximum muscle, one needs to lift heavy weight. Not true. Another misconception is doing more training gets you more results. This is a half-truth.

As important as it is having targeted training objectives, is also to understand there are other ways to make the body respond, other than lifting more weight, or doing more training. One very simple, effective training methodology is to change the angles by which you train each muscle group at certain times throughout a training regimen.

A common question clients have for trainers is “didn't I do that exact routine or exercise last time“? It's a thoughtful question, which should have a thoughtful answer. Unlike cardio conditioning, weight training offers more training options for targeting specific body parts from multiple angles.

Considering your body is in a constant state of flux trying to adapt to its training stimulus, this creates big opportunities for producing dramatic results. Here's the truth. Regarding weight training, any little adjustment you make, including changing hand or foot positions, in addition changing training angles for the exact same exercise, makes the exercise completely different in terms of how muscle adapts. So if you're a client asking this question, hopefully your legit trainer is able to answer you with a truthful, coherent answer.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)