Inside Secrets of a World Class Bodybuilder

High level competitive bodybuilders are uniquely trained, with a vast understanding of how to manipulate nutrition and weight training for the purpose of creating a physique that is extremely muscular, yet very lean and symmetrical, which is no small feat by any means. Most nutritionists and trainers don't come close to understanding how to effectively implement nutrition and weight training to produce these kinds of results. Believe me, it's not possible unless you've been down the road less traveled for many years in the trenches learning the intricate lessons of how nutrition and training really work. These are not a disparagement remarks by any means to those who haven't, but the truth remains, here's why.

Consider the fact, in order to compete at the highest level, a bodybuilder must have the knowledge and ability to be at their peak condition within a matter of hours prior to a competition, which has a window of about three hours. Let me let you in on something, for those who haven't competed, it's one of the hardest things to master, in fact most who have mastered this only attain their perfect peak condition at the right time, once, maybe twice in their career.

Otherwise, reaching a peak condition is allusive, and can be highly unpredictable if one is not at the top of their game, and even if so is still a tricky proposition. Most of the time bodybuilders mistime their peak by minutes, even weeks, which is frustrating because it usually takes 3-6 months to prepare for an event, so when you miss, it can be extremely disappointing. And even with this being said, bodybuilders are so honed at the time of competition that even when they've mistimed their peak, they're still at times good enough to win.

It's a sport that's unforgiving that way, and yet the very thing that's alluring to the hardcore bodybuilder. The challenge in so many ways is in the struggle of overcoming the suffering and dedication it takes for creating the ultimate physique, which for most is not normal. However, when that day happens, when you finally do hit your perfect peak with perfect timing, it changes your life forever. I know this because it happened to me... Once!

Stay tuned for truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talking (Leo Costa Jr)