Can Your Cardio Program Automatically Change For Your Specific Goals

So many people screw up cardio. The number one reason is because they don't know where their training zone heart rate should be. There are those who simply think that when doing cardio, they should go as hard as possible, equating that as mission accomplished. This is incorrect!!

Over the years there have been many advocates who have touted various ways to do cardio or even going as far as claiming there are certain cardio machines that produce more results than others, which is fine, but those claims are mostly opinion based. To be clear, there are different styles of cardio training, but it still comes down to the training zone heart rate, and the targeted goal.

When constructing a coherent cardio training program, one must consider age as a factor and part of the formula, because the training zone heart rate is age dependent. Therefore, the great importance of knowing where your heart rate should be during training, in order to maximize cardio results defines the distinction between your body, burning fat as energy verses sugar. FYI, this is a major distinction.

Properly understanding the cardio training variables is the building block for developing a thorough cardio training program that can be specific to individual goals in addition providing the capability for automatically adjusting throughout an entire program. Hopefully your trainer knows about this.


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)