Does Your Weight Training Program Automatically Change For Your Specific Goals?

Of course the answer should be yes. A thoughtful question would be, when should it automatically change? Most weight training programs/trainers either change too soon or too late. If your weight training program changes too often it's because you have bad Intel. Granted, human nature is such that it often times wants gratification sooner than later, but this line of thinking and expectation is counterintuitive and counterproductive.

In fact, the more often the program changes, the less effective it is, simply because based on the natural rhythm of your physiology, it needs repetition to a degree to effectively adapt, and otherwise, it's in a constant state of confusion. With even this being stated, your physiology is so adaptive it will still try to adapt, because by its own nature, that's what it does, as a part of your body's built in fight or flight response nervous system.

Therefore, it only makes logical sense to construct a weight training program that creates harmony in alliance with its own physiology. The first step before developing a weight training program that automatically adjusts, along with being specific to your goals, is to first identify exactly what the training goals are.

Give careful thought to this, because you may have a wish list which are all important, but you must clarify of those that are the most important to the ones of lesser importance, otherwise you'll compromise them all. Secondly, further identify if you want a fitness, bodybuilding, or a strength training program. Same strategy applies as to which of those are the most to the least important. Not to worry, when you've achieved your training goal, you can always create different priorities for your specific goals.

You're now ready to proceed forward, except for knowing the length of time that should be spent on your weight training program before it automatically adjusts according to your goals. Oh by the way, this is a pop quiz for you and or your trainer. Should your program automatically change at:

 A. 1-2 weeks

B. 3-4 weeks

C. 5-6 weeks

 This should be easy to answer, especially if you have or know a trainer.

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)