OMG, You Don't Need Carbs For Energy!

I just read an article on that was BS. These experts with fancy degrees which back the article are the reason so many people are confused about diet. It's clear to me the experts here are the ones who are influenced by the theory first, not having a clue about the application. Such a disservice. It's amazing what makes news, or more accurately, FAKE news.

These so-called experts claimed that carbohydrates were the healthiest and most important source of energy for the body, completely discounting the role of protein and fat. What a bunch of f----ing morons. They not only provide a disservice to the population of people who read their garbage, they disgrace their fancy credentials. Here's the truth, if you eliminated all carbohydrates in your diet, only consuming protein and fat, your body would live, yet if you only ate carbs, your body would die.

It's obvious these fake experts don't realize that, or perhaps they're suffering from amnesia. Nowhere in the article did they point out that your body, in fact, needs some carbohydrate energy for the brain stem, not much I might add, however, your physiology can easily convert a carbon from protein which becomes the carbohydrate energy the brain stem requires.

Also, why wasn't it mentioned in this very uninformative article that when too many carbs are consumed, your body stores the balance as a triglyceride, and when the triglyceride count gets too high it can cause heart disease? So riddle me this, fake experts, explain how in the hell you claim that carbs are the healthiest and most important source of energy for the body?

Stay tuned for more truth talking…


 The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)