Your trainer is probably confusing the hell out of your body

Don't get fooled, if your trainer tells you your exercise and nutrition program should constantly change, they're full of a lot of things, however not good sense. In theory, changing your program is a good strategy, but it's only part of the info. The only reason you should change your program is if it's not working, to improve performance, or temporarily cure boredom.

If your trainer is not skilled enough at navigating you through an exercise and nutrition program, they could actually be confusing your body, which will impend results and performance. I would bet most trainers think that changing a program more often is more important than having the body reach a plateau. This is one glaring indication your trainer is not likely skilled enough to advise you.

The truth is, your body makes its best progress while in a plateau, plus it's a fact your body (muscle) takes much longer to adapt to a routine then your mind. I would bet my left one your trainer doesn't know that fun little fact. Because human nature is wired to take the path of least resistance, unless there is proper motivation and correct information, individuals emotionally get bored rather quickly with any kind of routine, which most of the time falsely makes them think their body's reaching a plateau, and of course this is not the case.

Misconception, and misinformation is a culprit that breeds mediocrity and frustration, most of the time sending individuals down a path that doesn't end well, because of the big giant rollercoaster ride to nowhereville. Routine and diet should not be scary words, yet they are for most individuals and uninformed trainers. The recipe for success is having a formula that is user friendly, tried and tested and based in science. Does your trainer have this?

Stay tuned for more truth talking…


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)