You get so close, yet so far away...

Human nature is so interesting, puzzling, and amazing, all at the same time. I've been in the personal training business for almost four decades with the objective of helping individuals achieve and produce a better version of themselves. For the most part, it's been extremely rewarding to witness these transformations, not only from the physical aspect but to see how emotionally alive these people became. It was like watching a beautiful flower bloom. 

The transformation in some cases have been so dramatic, I've had clients tell me I saved their life. It's so damn humbling when this has happened, and over the years it's happened several times. I'm not stating this to toot my own horn, because I don't have an issue with that. It’s more about making the point that over the years I've also worked with clients who get so close to making significant breakthroughs and then out of the blue they give up and quit.

This is the side of humanity that is interesting and puzzling because in most cases there was not one thing I could have said or done to keep these clients moving forward. Although I'm not a certified shrink, I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express, worked with thousands of clients, which makes me a pseudo-shrink of sorts, within the trenches firsthand experience. So here's my take on why I think people give up.

Humans are afraid of success and discipline, and it's easier to fail and come up with excuses as to why they couldn't, which is the sad truth. Now, here's an amazing tidbit about these humans who give up. At some point, they come back and start their journey once again towards their transformation. So, I guess the lesson here for all you real and fake trainers, is that sometimes no matter how good or fake you are, you can't help people unless they want to help themselves.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)