Wake up, workout, and win!

When I work out I always feel better. There is nothing worse than feeling groggy, or sluggish, especially first thing in the morning. These conditions can be affected by what you eat, traveling, alcohol consumption, or being sleep deprived. Believe it or not, a great, natural cure for all this is waking up and working out. It sounds counterintuitive, but trust me, if you do this, it will produce winning results, here's why.

When you exercise, your brain and body release endorphins, which give you a sense of well-being, otherwise known as "the runners high". This is a chemical response in your body, which is legit, powerful, and very addictive in a good way. Endorphins also serve as a natural pain and stress reliever. Win, win!

A little unknown fact most people or even trainers know about is that your body usually doesn't need more rest, rather the right kind of rest, otherwise known as proper recovery. Simply put, your brain and body will be more productive and feel markedly better if you implement what's known as active recovery to your daily routine of life, no matter what that might entail.

For example, many years ago regarding weight training for competitive athletes, it was the norm to put them on a certain program for a period of time. This was known as periodization training that lasted six months, which also included a certain amount of time throughout their training where they were granted a period of time for complete rest, before commencing on their regularly scheduled training program. 

In this scenario, based on the way the training program was designed, athletes were only able to peak for competition twice per year. And then a better, more sophisticated way of training athletes evolved. The training application for this new style of training was called micro periodization. The definition of micro is small, which now means athletes were being trained for small periods of time throughout the course of each week, instead of months at a time before their program changed.

In addition, athletes were never given any periods of complete rest, instead, there was a shift in their training where active recovery was implemented, meaning the intensity and volume of their training was reduced temporarily, before returning to the regular training program. This training methodology was repeated indefinitely throughout an athlete’s regimen.

What was discovered was that the athlete could peak for competition several times per year, plus they were less likely to get injured. This is a good example of the body adapting to a new training stimuli, translating to the athlete becoming more productive as a result. So, you may be wondering how this applies to you, especially if you're not a competitive athlete.

Here's how. Just like the athlete who became more productive because of an adjustment in their training methodology, you will be more productive if you make your lifestyle a regimen of waking up, and working out which I guarantee will make you a winner each day. Now, wake your ass up and workout!!

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)