What do your initials really stand for?

Just because you have initials before or after your name doesn't mean you know sh....t. Some of these idiots that somehow land an article in Google news don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. It's obvious by how in this case, this faker explained how you actually get drunker faster on a low carb, otherwise known as the keto diet because there are substances in a carbohydrate-based diet that absorbs the alcohol better than the fat you're eating from the keto.

Really? This fake expert doesn't even know what substances to which he's referring, yet he made it a point to fake out the people who are reading his uninformed article with his fancy initials behind his name to make him sound smart. Here's what he should have said.

If you're eating a proper keto diet, it consists of fifty-six percent fat intake which switches your metabolism from glucose to a free fatty acid metabolism. Having said that, he then should have said that fat is exactly what your body needs to keep you from getting drunker faster, because fat absorbs sugar, in fact, fat controls sugar, which makes a bad carb a good carb, because it releases the sugar much slower into the bloodstream.

But he didn't say that because he hasn't a clue about what he's talking. In fact when you're on a free fatty acid metabolism and you do intake sugar, as in alcohol, unless you continue to consume sugar for more than three days, your body's metabolism doesn't switch back to a glucose metabolism, which means the sugar, or alcohol, in this case, is being directed into the muscle storages in your body as back up fuel. This faker is exactly why people are confused because he is as well.

Stay tuned for more truth talking...

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)