When and why you should cycle your supplement regimen...

Your body is always trying to adapt to its environment, no matter what that may be. It could be adapting to climate change, a toxic relationship, exercise routine, or a supplement regimen. It's your body's natural built in coping mechanism that adapts too many kinds of stimuli.

Adaptation is a tricky proposition, especially when it applies to performance, as in this case where you want to get the most benefit from your supplement regimen, which directly ties into dosage intake and length of time before dosage intake changes.

This is a game changer, because if the dosage is too low it's ineffective because the receptor site is not getting proper stimulation, and yet if dosage is too high for too long it overwhelms the receptor site, which could possibly cause adrenal fatigue or even adrenal burn out, which can be dangerous. So what the hell is a receptor site you might ask, and how do you create the ultimate environment where the adaptation process is in harmony with your physiology.

First of all, by definition, a receptor site is an organ or tissue able to respond to light, heat, or other external stimulus and transmit a signal to a sensory nerve. As far as creating the ultimate environment, I would say either ask your trainer, which could possibly/probably be fake news, or stay tuned for more truth talking... #absurdbeyondbelief


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)