Sometimes you just gotta say screw it, let's go eat!

Developing a proper habit and mindset that can endure a kick-ass weight training regimen that produces results forever. Certainly, for those in which this ideal applies, this is utopia. The reality of this, however, is so far off the spectrum, it cannot be seen with the naked eye.

And yet for the hardcore athlete/ real bodybuilder/ or those with a death wish, it doesn't matter, because we will toil away, day in, day out, beating the crap out of our body, damned or doomed to defy the laws of physiology. We are those who are incessant about knowing everything about training. We eat, breathe and live it, hell we read everything in site and then some, even if it's in a foreign language.

We will ask the infinite amount of questions to the point of absurdity, just to find the magic bullet that will produce sick results beyond belief. But this still isn't good enough, because we need to go to the next level and try everything we've learned, because there's no better way than the first-hand experience. Now it gets really good, because suddenly after thousands of hours and reps in the gym we start getting results, which to us looks and feels like the utopia we imagine.

This is when the fire in our belly really ignites. Hell, our whole body is on fire. The intensity of our training just continues to increase, scarily. The weight training sessions that were once hard to get through look like child's play compared to how we train now. Now every workout is harder than the next.

Your now certain not only do you see utopia, you are convinced you're in it, and then from one day to the next, it happens. You wake up, psyched for your upcoming training session, then all of a sudden the energy leaves your body like someone reached in your body and ripped out every last bit. Holy shit you think, I gotta go train. All of a sudden you don't want to. What the hell, yesterday you were a bull in a china closet, and today you're a wimp in pampers.

You feel so damn guilty because you know you should be in the gym kicking ass and taking name's, but by now you know it ain't gonna happen. But here's the truth, when you really train with this kind of unrelenting intensity, although mentally you want to hit the gym, physically, whether you know it or not, your body needs rest. When this happens, and it shouldn't happen very often, you gotta just say screw it, and go eat, rest, and enjoy the hell out of it, minus the guilt trip of course. No worries, tomorrow will be back soon enough for you to get back to your kick-ass workout.