When you need to fix something

It starts from ground zero (the foundation), and building up, which is the most important part of building anything strong. Maybe it's your house, mind or body, or maybe it's your life. It's all the same but different, yet relevant.

Build it from the ground up is a philosophy and mindset based on principle and logic. For example, you wouldn't build a house adding the roof first, followed by erecting the walls, and then pouring the foundation because this makes no sense. However, the exact reverse of this order would be based on principle and logic.

When making an improvement on your mind and body, the same principle and logic applies. You build it from ground zero, and then build up. The most important part of developing an effective training strategy is to properly evaluate and asses strengths and weaknesses of your current status or condition. Once this has been done, you can effectively build a strong foundation, which translates to a strong structure.

Results Are Based On Priority

It's important to understand, although the human condition is capable of multi-tasking, it performs and responds more efficiently when the temporary emphasis is focused on one body part. To be clear, emphasize training body parts that are lagging behind more regularly throughout certain times of your training regimen. This strategy will promote muscle balance, which improves performance, in addition to reducing potential injuries.

Warning, if your trainer does not have a training regimen that follows this principled logic, you're being compromised.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)