Fake personal trainer on Google says your body needs rest...

What the hell, is this trainer living in a cave or in la la land. I'm flummoxed how these fake trainers get their articles published on Google, and more importantly, who the hell at Google is green lighting this flawed information.

To be accurate, unless there is muscle ripped off the bone, the body does not need rest, in fact rest makes the body less productive. And if you do have a muscle ripped off the bone, it's not rest you need, rather a different trainer. Unfortunately this Google fake trainer is a more common breed of what's out there advising people about their health and fitness. That's scary!!

Over-training is the real culprit here, but over-training doesn't exist, unless you chronically exceed a certain amount of time during a training session. This is actually red flag for trainer error, due to inexperience and incompetence. I repeat, over-training doesn't exist, unless you exceed a certain amount of time during a training session.

Truth is, your body is designed to move, if not it dies. I'm not surprised this Google fake trainer is claiming the body needs rest, and honestly this fake trainer is giving an answer which is partially correct, just not the entire answer. These kinds of answers are given because it's an easy, safe answer, however incomplete. 

Interestingly, there wasn't anything in Google's fake personal trainer article that mentioned anything about active recovery, because if so they could have pointed out that active recovery is exactly what the body needs, especially if over trained. First, let's identify what active recovery is... In a nutshell, it's a shift in the training methodology, temporarily decelerating training volume and intensity.

In layman terms, it means continuing training, however doing less repetitions and weight, which allows the body to catch up, and catch its breath so to speak. As it's catching its breath, due to the reduction of repetitions and weight, hence active recovery, red blood cells and oxygen continue to be efficiently transported throughout the body to the cellular level. This action repairs the body, promoting faster recovery, compared to simply resting. Now that's the rest of that story which should have been told by Google's fake personal trainer.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)