You don't have to avoid carbs

Another so called expert on Google posing as a personal trainer says you should avoid certain carbs. Why? Over the years, fake experts have made it a point to isolate one of the macros and beat them down, and then later retract what they had claimed. So here we go again with Google's fake personal trainer advising their readers there are certain carbs they should avoid.

When fake trainers make these claims, they expose their inexperience and lack of knowledge. I'm curious if they know this, or do they really think they know what they're talking about, or maybe it's because they like to hear themselves talk. It should be well understood not all carbs act the same with respect to how quickly or slowly they breakdown in the bloodstream, however it also means which contradicts the Google fake trainer, all carbs are useful energy, and there's no reason why you should avoid any of them, unless perhaps you're diabetic.

You see, if the fake Google trainer really knew what the hell they were talking about, they would have informed their readers with solutions. In this example, the other two macros (protein, fat) could be used as an allie making those carbs that Google's fake trainer claimed that needed to avoided a great source of energy.

If Google's fake trainer really understood how macros worked, they would have mentioned by simply eating protein and fat simultaneously with the so called bad carbs, they could eat any carb, anytime, when they want. I think Google should do a better job of vetting their expert trainers.

By the way, news flash Google fake trainer, the reason you should eat protein and fat with your avoided carbs, is because fat absorbs sugar, slowing its release, in addition, protein is the most metabolically active macro which improves physiological performance.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)