What a croc of....

A personal trainer on Google, who’s name I won't reveal so I don’t embarrass him, gives guidelines for strength, endurance, and muscle with respect to weight training. When you work with or get advice from a personal trainer you want someone who knows their stuff, unfortunately they don't come a dime a dozen. As a matter of fact, not even a dime of two dozens. This so called expert trainer attempted to dazzle the readers with his knowledge on how to weight train for producing strength, endurance, and muscle growth.

To be more accurate, he gave guidelines for repetitions and rest periods in each one of the categories. The guidelines he gave were boiler plate, otherwise very general information. Where does Google find these rookies? I totally get it, when you're explaining things to an audience, you have to talk in fourth grade language, but this yahoo did little to explain in a way that made it seem like he himself knew what he was talking about. Seems to me it was a copy and paste job, or worse.

Truth is, if he had command of his knowledge and craft he would have educated the reader beyond the general guidelines, providing them a targeted working strategy of how they could improve on the general guidelines, listing core groups of exercises in each one of the categories that have a higher probability for producing more efficient results. He also should have identified the importance of training time of workout sessions, and how to avoid over-training, as this definitely impacts reps and rest periods.

But he didn't. Because I'm highly skeptical, my question is why is that, if the goal is always to teach and educate? Think about it, when you open a new business, you just don't hang up a shingle and hope clients show up, and you also don't mail in boiler plate information. I would be shocked if this trainer on Google has much of a clientele, as he had his moment in front of a big audience to show his stuff and he definitely fell short, way short.

Stay tuned for more truth talking….

Best, The Truth Talking (Leo Costa Jr)