Does Your Trainer Confuse You?

When your trainer instructs you on how to do a new exercise, are you dumbfounded? A well-schooled trainer in addition wears several hats, including part shrink, part self-promoter and part coach. It's not easy being a coach especially the kind that can effectively communicate with fewer, rather than more words, to coherently get their point across in a way that the receiver of the info can with pinpoint accuracy execute as the coach intended.

On the front, this may sound like any easy proposition, but believe me it isn't, especially if you’re a fake trainer. You'll know if you have a fake trainer when they're trying to explain how to do an exercise, and they end up confusing you more than someone who's disoriented.

It can be a very simple process once you develop a template by which all exercises can be explained. The common denominator for the explanation of all exercises is to build from the ground up, meaning to 1. Identify the exercise.2. Explain foot placement, narrow, shoulder with, or wide 3. Identify what the exercise is. 4. Explain what body part the exercise targets. 5. Explain what the starting point is. 6. Explain finish point. 7. Execute exercise

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)