It's more than a workout

Rebuilding and restoring your mind and body is multifaceted. Making this process more effective for optimal results requires one to be able to multi-task without compromise. This process should be challenging but not overwhelming, hence creating a fine distinction. A smart strategy is to compartmentalize, focus, and concentrate, which, in and of themselves are distinctive, yet most powerful when enlisted as a whole.

The Staples of Life Equals Stability

Staples are an important part of life with respect to many things, including ones diet, fashion style, and physical conditioning. It's that diverse. Creating your stability is a fact finding process, requiring time and patience. You'll know when you find your own unique staples of life because when effectively applied, they always work. It's a good feeling to be in charge.

They All Work To a Degree

On your journey in finding your staples try everything, because what you try will work, but to the degree is the final determination, so pay attention. None of this is a waste of time, but necessary to confirm that your foundation is well built on staples that will last forever.

Staples of Success (SOS)

There are components of life that are transcendent, which will produce positive lifelong benefits. They include resistance training, cardio conditioning, and nutrition. All three SOS components are equally important and must be incorporated simultaneously for optimal results. These components are your guardian angel in disguise, and the essence of life. Incorporating them in your daily life will keep you alive, add quality and inspire the people around you.

Listen, life no matter what is going to be riddled with twists and turns, along with ups and downs. The staples of success are what keep you moving forward even when it gets dark. Remember, your body is designed to adapt to its environment, so create a positive environment, because you'll always receive more back as a result.

Some of you fake trainers might be wondering how this blog is relevant, thinking this information is more like a class in philosophy or psychology, well it is. Truth is, a legit trainer at times is that person who has to wear a different hat when their client is struggling and at their brink.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)