If you really understood how your physiology worked

Here's the deal, either your body is in charge of you, or vice versa. It's really that straight forward, but extremely challenging and utterly confusing. On top of all that, there are misfits in the indusrty who masquerade as personal trainers, gurus, and life coaches. All these people do is muddle up the already murky waters. 

Otherwise why is it so damn difficult to make the body look and perform the way we want. Knowledge is power, first hand knowledge that is. Sometimes even with this said, it still can be a task at hand, but you gotta have that knowledge to really be able to figure out your body. 

Creating a training road map, which essentially is a documentation of how you eat and train, is a helpful tip for facilitating targeted results. Very much like a map you use to navigate, it immediately improves the probability for efficiency, minimizing mistakes. 

It's never an easy process developing your own training road map, because to some degree the map continues to change, because your body does, so it's an ongoing adventure, but the upside is fantastic. Your map will be a fast track for clarifying information in an objective way, for example identifying the best exercises to use for certain results.

In addition, your training road map can indicate, even predict certain tendencies, for example how your body will respond to various caloric intakes. This road map can produce objective feedback with a high degree of certainty such as  identifying proper percentages of protein, carbs, and fat intake, which definitely takes the guess work out of a program that's designed to produce specific results. 

So, the real distinction of a training road map, compared to a random training program, is much the same of knowing where your destination is and moving in the general direction, rather than look at a map which can get you there most efficiently.