Trainer, protect yourself from your client... client protect yourself from your trainer!

Client's if you're looking for an expert trainer, don't assume they're legit. It's definitely not the norm in the industry, far from it. Speaking from someone who's been in the indusrty for ever, I have to tell ya, I've seen some pretty scary shit these fakers come up with. One way to protect yourself is to have your eyes open and beware at all times. Copy cat trainers are probably the scariest of the fake trainer species. 

Trainers, if you copy someone our somebody, not completely knowing what you're copying, you've just made yourself a triple hazard fake trainer. Otherwise copying or mimicking is not necessarily a bad thing because to a degree it's a good way to learn. But you should quantify what you copy, because it's about reference and perspective. Clients, pay heed.

The ideal training environment is to be able to focus on your training, but if you don't have a qualified trainer, and the right chemistry, you don't have shit. A good piece of advice when beginning a new endeavor like this is to be vigilant, and somewhat skeptical as a measure of self protection. 

Plan on entering into a relationship with your trainer as a test of faith. It's like those new shoes you have to break in, hoping like hell they work out. Truth is, your personalities may not fit well, like oil and water, which will definitely be a potential nightmare. 

Look, if this relationship between you and your trainer becomes a longtime proposition, in some cases you'll spend as much time with them as with your boyfriend, girlfriend or husband. So clients, beware, and protect yourself. By the way, this cuts both ways.Trainers, you should also be vigilant and skeptical.Training a new client in a sense is a dress rehearsal of sorts. Nothing worse than getting attached to a high maintenance client who is needy. Nightmare city!!!