It's like going back home

The gym is where I belong, it's my retreat, my sanctuary. When I'm there I have my most lucid moments.There's nothing I can't deal that gets in my path, good or bad. This is my life, and my life's work in progress every single day. Why would I ever want to stop. I wouldn't, and I won't. 

I learned a life changing lesson many years ago from a marketing guru named Jay Abraham. At the time I was one of his clients, and was invited to one of his seminars. He had fifty companies there who forked out $5000.00 a pop that sent their top executives for the purpose of learning how to market their services more effectively. It was an intense two day seminar that lasted all day, both days. 

First of all, it blew my mind he could charge that kind of money for two days worth of work. But here are two things I walked away with that impacted my personal, and professional life to this day. One, he taught me if I was ever to market a service to a client, I needed to communicate its  uniqueness in twenty five words or less, otherwise I would compromise my business. 

The second lesson I learned was after the seminar, when we were having lunch. Jay mentioned his strategy and philosophy about his life and work. He said his work life revolved around the kind of personal life he wanted to lead, instead of the reverse. When I really thought about that concept, it was brilliant. He created an environment for his life where he had freedom, independence, and passion, both in his personal and professional life.  

That's exactly what I wanted. I immediately followed Jays advice modeling my life around his philosophy. My childhood dream was to be a pro athlete, but those dreams were dashed due to a career ending injury. But here's how I made lemonade out of lemons. I got into the sport of bodybuilding, which I fell in love with, became a personal trainer, and the rest became history. 

I created independence, freedom, and the life I still love and live today. No, I didn't make it as a pro athlete, but I competed in bodybuilding at the world level. My work as a personal trainer gave me the flexibility and scheduling  luxury to revolve my work life around my personal life where I could coach my kids and follow their sports careers. 

My personal training studio, even after thirty six years is still a place I go to every morning to work out, which doubles as my office, in addition a training studio where I have trainers who run the business. Turns out the life I've created has produced much more than a pro athletic career,  it's given me a livelihood I love to get up to everyday. It's like going back home.