Someone's always doing something wrong, is it you?

Look around you idiots, I guarantee someone is doing something wrong inside the gym. Legit trainers are mindful of that, especially if they work with multiple clients at one time, yet surprisingly most don't take this advice seriously. 

You would never know it if you saw some of these trainers by the way they carry on while training their clients, because it appears they're on it, paying close attention. It's like when you see everything, but can't see things right in front of you. The challenge is maintaining the necessary discipline keeping one's self the most accountable of the group, not some of the time, but always. 

Human nature falls prey to things that become too routine. It's like a baby being rocked to sleep. There's no question many of these trainers are asleep at the wheel, walking around with their eyes open, training their clients, but they're not really awake, and they don't even know it. 

A legit trainer understands the ultimate goal is to make every aspect of every training session productive, whether you're training one, or multiple clients. Don't fall into the training trap of cruise control mode, suddenly becoming aware you have all your clients on a training program that is more similar than personalized. 

Don't be that trainer who slowly forgets what made them unique to that client who outta the blue starts missing training sessions. This is a sign you've strayed off the beat and path from what you originally intended, which was to be fully engaged with your client and the main objective being to get them in the best shape of their lives.

It will happen before you realize it, where all of a sudden you have a client deficit.Then it hits you right between your eyes, and you wake up. You were once a trainer who was mindful, correcting your clients because they were doing something wrong, now it was you.