Know the rules before you break them... The the stages of mastery.

You're only as good as your form and technique, which means you should learn how to train from that perspective. Full range of motion, strict form, and in control. Once you master that process, you're ready to take another step. Quality of repetition before quantity, meaning feel every movement you make, from the first rep to the last rep, first set to the last one.

This phase will take a good amount of time to become adequate, and a lifetime to master. During this phase of training what starts becoming apparent and necessary is the development of discipline. You'll have to come to grips with the reality that you need to try every possible exercise to see how your body responds, because I assure you, you just might miss out on discovering that magical exercise, or exercises that produce consistent results. This process takes years and thousands of reps, blood, sweat, and tears.

If you make it to this point, its time to make yet another leap of faith and find out how nutrition impacts your weight training. You have now entered into phase two. If you thought learning about weight training was an arduous task, buckle up, the games are about to begin. The nutrition phase will be trickier in some sense to rap your brain around, because unlike weight training, most of what you try you won't feel immediately, plus it will take some time to see the difference. 

Mastering the macros to a degree where you understand the why when something you experiment with that should work but doesn't, not only requires time and patience, but it demands objectively, directly in the face of subjectivity, surrounded by it makes no sense at all. 

The thing that makes nutrition so unbelievably challenging is emotional stability, or lack thereof. How in the hell you wonder can freaking out about gaining weight make you store fat on your body, yet its true, WTF. In the end, you'll discover the secret for success among a few other things is knowing the numbers, you see, it's all about calories in, and calories out. This I promise you will go a long way in creating objectivity and emotional stability, which leads us into phase three, cardio conditioning. 

This is the easiest of the three phases to master. More cardio or less, verses high or low impact? Which cardio machine produces the best result in the least amount of time. Answer.  No more than twenty five minutes at one time. Low impact verses high, with moderate tempo, and it's all based on heart rate which is age dependent.There you have it. Does your trainer know this?

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)