Micro Circuit Training.... The most powerful way to train for fitness

The more you temporarily stress a muscle, the more it will respond. The stress can be created in various ways, be it through lifting heavy weight, verses lighter weight with more repetitions. Rest periods are a factor, in addition the amount of times a muscle is trained per week, even per day. These are all considered training stress factors.

The X- factor is knowing how to manipulate the training stress factors in a weight training regimen that gets the most performance out of each body part in the least amount of time.This is way easier said than done, but it can definitely be done assuming you understand the natural rhythm of the physiology. 

A few training rules to live buy are one, a fitness workout session should last no more than 30-45 minutes. Nine to fifteen total sets should be performed. Three body parts in no specific order should be performed in conjunction with one another. This is known as a training round, which can be the same or different body parts. When transitioning from one exercise to the other in a training round, rest periods should kept to a minimum.

Rest periods are only to be taken after each training round for no longer than sixty seconds, before beginning subsequent training rounds. A micro training circuit consists of three training rounds. A  30-45 minute training session is made up of three micro training circuits, and nine exercises. Exercises inside of each micro training circuit are to be performed three times in there entirety before moving on to other micro training circuits.

Micro circuit training is the most powerful way to produce results for fitness because of the volume of work (repetitions) performed in a 30-45 minute training session. The objective in a training session is to thoroughly exhaust each muscle group without causing the body to be overtrained, which is efficiently achievable with micro training circuits. All three micro training circuits are a microcosm of one another, and although each micro training circuit is independent, when trained together create synchronicity, producing dramatic fitness results.  

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)