Tear it down, build it up

Your body has an amazing resolve for survival. A good example of this is revealed when people abuse alcohol or cigarettes for years before any negative consequences, if any in some cases ever occur. But there are times when your body goes down in flames, however in the end for the very reason that it wants to protect you. 

Yes, at times your body will take drastic measures to get your attention, mainly because you continue to ignore early signs of danger in which your body is trying to alert you. Sometimes the human condition can be severely flawed, because of an unwavering mindset, which creates an environment where objective reasoning becomes compromised. This state of denial is a strong defense mechanism, and a powerful emotion that can be a double edged sword with leathel consequences. 

The key here is emotion, and knowing how to harness it so that it's used most effectively. When you have passion which is akin to emotion, you have at your finger tips a leathel weapon, which can be a good or bad thing!

If ever confronted with a crossroad where you have to make a lifestyle change because if you don't, it might kill you, you potentially have the perfect storm. Action, passion and emotion implemented  in a positive way will produce dramatic results, to the point your body will repair itself back to vitality. 

I only know this from first hand experiencge, as it relates to what  happened to me when I had three strokes in three weeks leaving me paralyzed, and at a major crossword. With passion, new motivation, and getting out of my own way, I was able to rebuild my mind and body, creating a new version of myself. This was and is confirmation of what can happen when there is a strong conviction, and proper mindset.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)