You're outta order.. I'm outta order

Is your goal to tighten, tone, and condition the body? Exactly what does that mean? It could mean gain or lose weight, get a little stronger, improve endurance, and overall, to feel better. Most people fall into this category. If you or your trainer know what you're doing you can accomplish this in three hours per week, if you don't, it can take you a lifetime. 

There are many ways to skin this cat, all you have to do is look around. Every guru and their dog spot is all over the internet claiming so. Do this, do that, eat this way, eat that way. These idiots are so far outta order, and outta their league, it's not funny. Most of the information these fakers are spewing is based on their own limitedexperiences, which is potentially dangerous, because they know just enough to make themselves a real hazard. 

If you’re that person looking for the right trainer, be mindful of this because it's a legit concern in the health and fitness industry, and if you question what I'm saying, the stats speak for themselves. Gym accidents across America are on the rise, and it's directly related to fake trainers and dangerous gym environments.

You need a strategy for minimizing a bad experience, in addition increasing the chances of a positive outcome. Think of it this way, would you get married to the first boyfriend you kissed, or hand your baby off to a stranger to baby sit? I certainly hope not, but if you were, you gotta be willing to deal with the consequences. 

Be a part of your solution, gather data and be armed with as much accurate information that pertains to your health and fitness objectives before you put your hands with an expert. The internet is an obvious source, but as mentioned, it's also full of misinformation. From someone whose been in the personal training business for a long damn time, here's the sniff test, and what I'd do when looking for a legit fit for your needs.

Ask a boatload of questions. If you're going to a gym and want to hire one of their trainers, ask their level of experience and would they give you a free consultation. Most of all, if your dealing with a gym or personal trainer with integrity, they should be willing to offer you a free training session, and a money back guarantee. My advice to all of these fakers, is to get their house in order before attempting yours.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)