Are you that trainer?

You dumb ass, you wonder why you can't make a living as a personal trainer. Well, I'll tell you why, other than being undisciplined, you're lazy, dramatic, and you give out shitty information, otherwise you're a peach. If I'm not making myself clear, I can repeat. 

We all have to start somewhere, I get that, but some of you fake idiots are not willing to learn the business in the right way. You gotta do the work man, put in the time, day in, day out. Early on based on all the time you'll end up investing, you're working for cheap as far as what you can eventually charge down the road for your service as a personal trainer. Here's why...

Besides knowing everything regarding nutrition and training, there's another world of information you should understand like the back of your hand. In other words, great trainers wear many hats, otherwise they fall way short of their full potential, eventually being exposed for who they really are, a fake trainer.

You see, you're  only as good as your weakest link. In case you're wondering what some of those are, here are a couple of examples.You gotta be a shrink of sorts if you want to make your clients perform to their full potiental. A great trainer has the ability to get in their client's head in a big way, very subtly I might add, to the point they don't even know it, the client that is.  

Great trainer's also have canny bedside manners, ranging from empathic to smart ass, funny or even degrading, however never at the expense of compromising client workouts. No, this is all calculated and contrived and part of the method to their madness.

It's all about creating an interesting environment or a specific edge in the training program to get the most production from the client. Great trainers know it's about the end game helping clients reach their goals, in addition knowing what it's going to take to get them there. Are you that trainer?