Is your trainer a yes guy, or yes girl?

This scenario often times happens especially with fake trainers because they don't have knowledge or strength of character. First of all, a legit trainer has a plan of attack, for themselves and their clients based on a ton of first hand experience, theory, and pure logic.They're always at least one step ahead of the game with a backup plan in case the original doesn't go like it should, and by the way it usually doesn't. 

There are so many ways to skin a cat, but you definitely don't skin every cat the same way, metaphorically speaking. Trainers who are not legit are always operating from behind, with their training strategy being nothing more than a series of after thoughts. 

This is one of first signs a trainer has a crack in their armor. Social media has created a crisis to a degree in the health and fitness industry because it lowers the bar for credibility, and promotes lack of accountability. Everybody and their dog these days are internet/social media experts. It's gotta be true because it's on the internet right? WRONG!

Fake trainer's are yes people, yet they need to say no at appropriate times. They read information somewhere, try it on a limited basis, and implement on their client. Yes they say, this is a great way to get results, but they really don't know why, but do a good job of perpetually nodding their head yes. 

If you're one of those clients who have a yes trainer it's not the worse thing in the world, however close. If ever you work with a legit trainer, they're bound to ruin you because then you'll have a valid reference, realizing that getting consistent results 75% of the time is much more significant that what a fake trainer can produce. Legit trainers are hard to come by, so be prepared to settle for mediocrity, unless you're willing to say no yourself.