You can't handle the truth

No-one really likes hearing the truth, unless it's convenient truth. It can be harsh and revealing however much different when you're on the other side giving it to someone else, because that's a horse of a different color. You justify your brutal honesty deeming it necessary talking directly with language that's forthright and without filters, all the while dishing out the truth without hesitation, because you truly believe you're right, and that's that. You certainly don't take into consideration hurt feelings because you also justify your directness by stating emphatically "well, it's true", which at times is the damn truth. So be it!

Yet when the shoe is on the other foot you get defensive, pouty, and downright mean. You can't believe someone would say such things to you, even though in some cases you've asked for the truth. What kind of bullshit is that. It took alot of years for me to believe and understand, that truth really does set you free, but you have to be willing to tolerate the trade-offs. 

Be free, or bite your tongue instead of telling it like it is, perhaps because it's uncomfortable, or you care too fucking much about what other people think. If you're in this spot you have a dilemma my friend, foe, or who ever the hell you may be. Either you're all in to the truth or not, make up your damn mind, otherwise you're stuck in the middle like ham in a ham sandwich.

Am I getting a little too real for you right about now? Too fucking bad, maybe you can't handle the truth. If you're a legit trainer you better thicken up your skin, and this applies to you client. Many times you both bring a ton of baggage, and a whole lot of drama and denial to this potential relationship you're about to embark on. 

In some cases spouses blame one another for their own demise claiming as a result they've become wide load with yellows, which is code for fat asses. Trainers, you're no better with some of your stupid ass excuses for why you can't make your training session, consequently leaving your clients high and dry. Listen up both of you. If neither of you can speak the truth about what you need and expect from one another, including consequences due to lack of follow through, then you both can't handle the truth. Stop taking up valuable space.