Does your trainer show or tell?

This new gym environment sucks... what the hell are these trainers doing. I've been in the personal training business for thirty six years, and at times it's unrecognizable as to what the hell these fakers are up to. I wish I was exaggerating but I'm not. These goof balls are all over the place with no semblance of anyone who knows their shit.Training clients have become more like show and tell, not for their clients mind you, instead for their own amusement.There's no doubt these bozos like hearing themselves talk, over, and over again. 

A legit trainer does and says less as opposed to more, and interestingly you get more.Their demeanor is that of complete control, and a certain calm that is almost hypnotic.There's no question they have absolute command, and it's quite apparent everyone around them feel it too  because it's obvious the energy and atmosphere in the entire room changes. 

When you ask them a question they have answers because they've been around long enough where they know a thing or two. When you're in their presence you know your in good hands and that you'll reach your goals no matter what. Regardless if they're training you, or explaining something very technical about nutrition, they do it effortlessly, in a manner which you can understand. In the fashion industry this ease of well calculated effort is known as sprezzatura. 

It's inevitable at some point the newness of your training program will wear off, but the reason you keep coming back in so many many instances is because of them. Not only are your results  undeniable, they've created an environment and made you feel like you never want to quit, disappoint, or let them down.This has nothing to do with feeling guilty, it goes way beyond. 

This legit trainer has evoked emotion and a new belief system at your core that never once existed. It's addicting as hell, and you love and crave it. No, there's no show and tell with this trainer, it's way more than that. The real question here is what kind of trainer do you have in your pocket.