Devil is in the details

There are three sections of a coherent training program, start, middle, and finish. Before you ever start you should have a plan of attack. Your program should be designed around things like the level of your experience, pre existing and existing injuries, available and type of exercise equipment, and times per week of training. 

A common denominator of any training program is the beginning.This is your foundation, otherwise a base for all that will come afterward, so you musn't get overzealous and in a hurry to get through your workout. Accuracy is speed, meaning in the beginning be disciplined making sure your form and technique are impeccable. Fyi, this is easier said then done. 

After form and technique have been addressed, correctly implemented for each body part, it's time to move forward and start creating training tempo, that are defined by three categories, including slow, medium, and fast, which are all effective, and necessary for a well thought out program poised for reaching ones full training potential. 

In conjunction with the development and implementation of the various training tempos, one should also focus on the quality of repetitions for each body part, with the objective to feel each an everyone. This takes a boatload of discipline. You're now just getting outta the starting blocks of a training program. 

Getting into the middle section of a training program is to develope the meat and potatoes so to speak. Now it's time to fact find, determining which exercises are really the ones made for you, in other words, although all exercises work to a degree, there will be certain ones that are drastically  more effective. These are known, soon to be identified as your go to exercises which never fail to produce results.

The middle section is where the bulk of all results are attained, and also the section where mindset, perfect willingness and discipline will be defined, because it will make or break you. It's where so many lose it because it's a potential breaking point. In the middle section you'll have to learn how to tolerate various obstacles like training monotony, pain, and suffering. It's part of the equation, formula and price you pay for results. By the way this is the longer section of the three, start wrapping your head around that. 

Now, for the third section. Think of this as the refining part of the overall training program, like putting that fine shine on your shoes. By the time you arrive at this section you've learned how to produce results at will. You've become masterful, highly accomplished, to the extent watching you train is like a hypnotic dance with iron. The clanging of weights, and the pace at which you train is in fact artful, however unless you're at this level, most are oblivious, or unaware.