Do discipline everyday

If you don't exercise discipline everyday in some way shape or form, it's not sustainable. Lack of discipline over time will promote apathy, and dissaray which are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The cause and effect of these contrasting emotions create a domino effect of psychological and physiological disruption.

Your life at this juncture will seem like a continuous spinning wheel where it's near impossible to break through to connect with yourself. This is when your life begins to spin out of control, which  can become a dangerous cycle if you don't pull out of it, so what do you do. 

A football coach once told me "do something even if it's wrong, because it's better than doing nothing at all". I never realized how profound a statement this was especially at that young age, but time and experience are great life lessons. 

When you're in this crazy spin cycle it can cause chaos and adversity, which in itself isn't a bad thing depending on how you use it. Instead, this is newfound energy that can be used as an advantage for creating momentum, which can create a path of least resistance. For example, kicking a soccer ball to a teammate down the field, rather than dribbling it yourself creates a path of least resistance, and a better use of energy. 

Once there's energy, an objective must be created, no matter what it is. Objectives create focus that eventually lead directly to discipline. Discipline loves repetition.You must understand, there's a process for developing something systematic, especially when results can seemingly at will be repeated. Remember, great things don't just happen unless you have targeted effort. Imagine how powerful that can make you. 

Creating discipline is like adding muscle to the body, meaning repetition is the mother of skill, and a process of a repetitive action over time. Most things in life are not final, but temporary, which is good news, because that means discipline is never forever lost, especially if you do even a small amount everyday.