It only takes three hours

Are you sure you want to get in shape, get healthy, or feel better, because you don't act like it. Actions speak louder than words. You like many, enjoy hearing yourself talk. It all sounds good like when singing in the shower, but the truth is you sound like dog crap. 

The idea of something appealing really gets you riled up, because to dream of that is where it's at. The only problem with that snow job is when you wake up, because the reality and the dream usually don't match up. Dreaming takes way less energy. Damn you think!!

It's amazing how many of you think you're an expert on things, yet you're not, but it doesn't matter because you'll always find someone out there who will believe you.There are definitely others like you, as people are often attracted to those who are most like themselves. 

That can be an unfortunate fact in so many cases especially if it perpetuates all of the weak points you're aiming to strengthen.That's a nightmare in itself, but not as bad as your worst nightmare when you have that moment in a room all alone with a mirror. The moment of truth, when you really do come to grips that you're living the lie, not the dream. 

You get the he'll outta that room ASAP, and go back out into your fake world where you find your like minded people, and the lies continue. All better now, even though you know it's not real, but so what it feels good for now. Thank goodness for denial, and deception. 

However, there's hope and good news on the horizon. Somehow you just magically stumbled upon on something by accident at your local coffee shop while sucking down a foo foo coffee that has at least 750 calories. 

You can't believe what you're hearing from the next table over, listening to what appears to be a legit personal trainer having a heart to heart conversation with a future client. Yes the personal trainer states, "it only takes three hours per week to get in the best shape of your life". Is this really a dream you wonder?