Cholesterol is healthy

This maybe a news flash for most people, but if it's your trainer, you might wonder why. I learned the real scoop about cholesterol after writing a book with a brilliant doctor, and my friend whose name is Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale. Some of you may have heard of the book, it's called The Anabolic Diet. 

In a nutshell Mauro was the genius behind this diet, and I was the guinea pig who followed it to the letter. This was a high fat diet, not entirely unique, yet it was specifically. Year's before, there was a popular diet on the market called The Atkins diet. He positioned this style of eating to the market as a low carbohydrate diet primarily for marketing purposes to give it a more commercial appeal. 

Back then there was even a dimmer view on eating fat. The Anabolic Diet proved with legit, unbiased research, that eating fat was not the culprit, it was actually carbohydrates. I'm sure for some of you, reading this fact will make you sit up an adjust your shorts, but it's the damn truth. 

I'll be forthright when I tell you I tried the Atkins diet, and it flat out worked, but the biggest issue for me, as it was for others was the lack of variety of food, which led to the consumer getting bored. This is where The Anabolic Diet was specifically unique.To be crystal clear, in terms of mechanics, both diets operate the same way, simply because they both access the free fatty acid metabolism, as opposed to the glucose metabolism. Most consumers are unaware that our bodies have two distinct metabolisms (glucose/ free fatty acid), that are differentiated by carbohydrate intake. 

As to how cholesterol is healthy. First, every cell of our body is made up of cholesterol. It's a steroid, and a lipid that synthesizes protein, carbs, and fats. It maintains balance, and regulates hormones, in addition helps with proper organ function. Here's the bottom line, like everything else in life, too much of anything consumed can be harmful. Did you know that you can drown if you drink too much water? It's called water intoxication.