Muscle really does have memory

I learned this valuable lesson conclusively after once being paralyzed. Up to that point, especially as a bodybuilder with undying blind faith I just believed it, along with the importance of the mind and muscle connection. These two training principles went hand and hand with one another, and as I learned with time, leaving one of them out of the mix was a definite compromise. 

To develop a memory within a muscle is a result of repetition, as it's the mother of skill. Repetitions from resistance training produce a permanent imprint on all of your DNA, like a permanent stamp, hence the term muscle memory. 

In addition, think of your DNA like a cloud file where you won't lose information even if your computer crashes, in this case we're obviously referring to your body, which is amazing that way. Unless you have a strong belief system or first hand knowledge, you'd  probably never believe this phenomena.

This is important to know, and a useful benefit for those who are starting an exercise program. First of all, it's not uncommon for individuals to begin a program, then suddenly quit. In fact, big chain health clubs know this factual statistic, which is the reason they're constantly over selling  their capacity which I find highly irritating, devious, yet truthful. 

Here's an interesting fact. When an individual quits an exercise program, it's not all waisted effort, here's why. The length of time the average person, especially a newbie sticks with an exercise program is twenty seven days, but by then your DNA has been forever stamped, as a matter of speaking. 

Bottom line, many who quit exercise will once again return giving it another go with new found motivation, guilt or urgent necessity. The good news is once the DNA has initially been stamped, it's never like starting over from scratch, so in essence when a person restarts a previously failed exercise program, they're automatically ahead of the game.

Reason this is worth knowing, is because many mistaking think if they quit, what's the point of restarting if it's like starting over, which can be an unnecessary obstacle, but more often a lame excuse.

As a trainer, this is valuable knowledge as you can provide an immediate solution to a  client, which gives you instant street credibility and the perception you're an expert in your field. It's a win, win. Trainer's should keep in mind it only takes one person you make successful that end up becoming your most loyal client. I've personally witnessed it.