Don't let your brain beat you

It's only five pounds more. So many times throughout my personal training career I've watched clients meltdown when I give them this Intel. You can see it in their eyes, and body language. I already know when they attempt that next set they're going to fail. 

They've sent the message to their brain, and already beat themselves. The crazy thing is that in most instances their failing had nothing to do with not being physically strong enough. This is how powerful your brain is, in fact thought is the most powerful weapon we humans have. 

It's knowing how to harness all of this horsepower to create the right effect. So many times we just can't get out of our own way, yet when we do miraculous things happen. It's definitely a tug of war we all wrestle with. The solution of how we overcome this ongoing soap opera in our head is more important than the self induced distraction/ problem we create. 

Failure is an obstacle, but also the antidote, because like in the example above where only five pounds more was a deal breaker in spite of there being enough strength, the fear of failing was a hindrance.Yet when you face failure, and fear repeatedly, the perceived threat in your mind changes. 

In other words fail, fail, fail again, and fail hard until you overcome, and achieve. There's a small but huge distinction between knowing that you can do something, rather than hoping you can. This approach is direct and effective, the trade-off is having a face off with your fear, over, and again. 

The only way you can manage fear is fully understanding often times we exaggerate the fear which becomes a mountain instead of a mohill. Logically one should be able to process this objectively, but it's all too emotional. Stress plays a major role and exacerbates the problem. 

Fighting fear using a physical tactic such as weight training is a highly effective way to combat stress, relieving anxiety, which changes the mindset, and the perception of fear. Applying this strategy eventually changes the perception of failure, where you can now begin to exist in an environment where you can and will succeed.