Health may not be the most important thing!

That's right, I said it. I learned this philosophy back in the late eighties from a head coach of the Bulgarian National Olympic Weightlifting Team who at the time were dominating the sport, which in that part of the world was bigger than the second coming. 

The secret to their success was based on focusing on the objective, which in this case was developing the strongest lifters in the world. I didn't realize how serious they were about that damn objective until I got a birds eye view, front and center. Sometimes you gotta see things with your own eyes before you believe.

My first encounter was in their olympic training center where they were hoisting some serious ass weight, not only one training session per day, but five. That was my first eye opener which prompted my first question. I asked the head coach, "why do you train so often, each time with that amount of weight"? His response was telling, when he remarked that repetition is the mother of skill, and the training they were putting their athletes through was specific to their olympic competitions. 

From that perspective, it made sense, but what really floored me, making it a wee bit difficult to get my head around was their philosophy on the type of diet they prescribed. High fat diet!!! WTF I thought. I was certain this coach had either lost his mind, or simply didn't care about his athlete's health. 

Coming from my background as a competitive bodybuilder, we were all about eating clean, so when this coach told me they had their athletes on a high fat diet, l asked "isn't that unhealthy"?. His response was " it didn't matter". I couldn't believe what I was hearing, proceeding to ask why not?. "Because eating a diet high in fat produces and provides the best result for developing optimum strength". I will admit, it took me sometime to understand that line of thinking, but eventually I did. There are always tradeoffs in life, this as an example of one of them.