Does changing the grip make your lats wider?

There's a ton of misconceptions in the bodybuilding world. I suppose it's because we're always tinkering with new ways on how to train and eat, and the truth is, it takes a lot of tinkering before you can come to an accurate conclusion. It never ends, because as a bodybuilder who wants to keep improving, stagnation means you're finished. 

When I first began my career I was told by a pro bodybuilder it would take around 12 years to have a physique qualified enough to compete at the world level. I mean these guys were monstrous, but I still couldn't understand why it would take that long, but first hand knowledge normally wins out. 

There is so much freaking time that goes into bodybuilding, and it goes way beyond that. Not only are you putting in thousands of hours pounding your mind and body into submission, but this shit hurts bad. On top of that, you're body is most efficient when focusing on one thing, like a body part, certain training style, or a different type of diet. That's why it really does take around 12 years to get on the world stage. I also learned that from first hand experience,  so the tortuous trek goes on. 

The serious bodybuilders are always looking for that special exercise or amino acid concoction that is a break through discovery which no other human has come upon.This type of bodybuilder is all in, definitely playing for the love of the game, as there's not much money in the sport itself. If you did a return on investment only based on money you'd be upside down, but it doesn't matter. 

The few who commit their life to the bodybuilding lifestyle get way more in return, for instance having complete control of their body, because that pays lifelong dividends. Arnold Schwarzenegger once said it best. When you're in shape you're always walking around with your own trophy 24 hours a day. 

That in itself is a gift that keeps on giving, not to mention knowing  exactly what exercises are best for changing the body in the way you want, which brings me to the title of this blog as one example. Doing a wide grip lat pull down wI'll not make your back any wider than a narrower grip, period.