Heart and sole ... how did I do that?

I often think back about thing's I've done that become even more extraordinary with time. Long distance bicycle riding for competition comes to mind, in addition bodybuilding, and overcoming three strokes. Being in those moments required deep focus, discipline, and bulldog determination. Having this mindset was necessary for success and achieving my objectives, as well the demands these three unique phases of my life demanded.

When I reflect on the common elements, or various states I was in, no doubt curiosity was a driving factor which quickly turned into passion, which is a crazy energy, something that lights your whole being on fire to the point of exhaustion but not the kind of exhaustion that stops you. 

In fact in this example, exhaustion seems to be more like overdrive energy. It doesn't seem possible that on one hand you're wiped out, although you can't sleep. This kind of passion becomes an obsession that's in charge, you're just hanging in for the ride and interestingly loving it. 

You are your own enabler, as your thirst to quench your new passion keeps leading you to endless amounts of exciting information. Now you want to know everything to the minute degree, but it takes a shitload of effort because there are so many opinions that conflict, but this is a minor inconvience. If you want extraordinary results, you have to change the height of the bar. 

Your goals in some ways seem unachievable, and they are to those who only dream, but the truth is it takes more than that... way more. You have to be proactive in a way that's not normal. Your heart and sole is the overriding factor, which is exactly what you have, in fact you're all in with your body's every fiber, and your hair on fire. The thought of failing never enters your mind, which when looking back you realize there's no way in hell those mountainous obstacles could have been conquered.