Bodybuilding is an illusion 

Not everything you see is what you see. When I watched my first pro bodybuilding show I was in awe. So many different body types, and they all looked perfect, like a beautiful bronzed trophy. The fact I was looking at a bunch of men, oohing, and aweing quite frankly made me feel somewhat uncomfortable. 

Normally I get like that when I see a hot babe in scantly clad clothing, but shit, these Greek gods looked like Greek gods. As time went on, the longer I was training, and seeing more bodybuilding shows I started seeing cracks in the armor. I started seeing flaws in the Greek gods. I guess it's kind of like a relationship, after a while when you start noticing the imperfections. 

Even the best bodybuilders in the world had imperfections on their physique, they just knew how to hide their weaknesses, while highlighting their strengths once they got on the competitive stage. To the novice it's difficult to tell, however little did I know these guys we're deception artists. 

Bodybuilding is definitely artistic, and one thing is certain, these guys at this level are artists.Their body's are a block of clay which they mold with hours upon hours of training and diet. In the off season they painfully push their body past ungodly limits, working on their weak points, only to discover at the next competition there's yet another weak point that reveals itself. It's a fucking mind fuck sufferfest of epic proportions, like no other. 

Once you drink the cool aid like high level bodybuilders, it becomes personal, and the very challenge that attracts them to this sport. Your mindset becomes one of perfection no matter the consequence, but getting to this point, is where you need to be even though it's a potiental recipe for disaster. The sport of bodybuilding is like a religious cult in that way. 

Now you're too close to the cliff where logical thinking takes a backseat, as the continual objective to create a physique and a picture of perfection is ongoing. Realistically it's unattainable, however you strive to inch closer. This might be the real illusion?