The three training components, and the secret sauce

No matter what the goal, it always comes down to the three training components.There is so much information on the market backed up with this or that study, which is great. For the most part, the info is pretty right on, but what's consistently missing is the formula. 

The key to long term success with just about everything is in the formula, as with this you have the keys to the kingdom. It's like having grandma's secret recipe that's been in the family, and in her head, but never written down where anyone else could reproduce with any kind of consistency.  

The three training components are like grandma's secret recipe.These are the crucial and key ingredients that need to be added to any kind of well thought out training program, however just like grannys secret recipe, these ingredients are not always added in the same ways. 

That's exactly why it was hard to reproduce her recipe, because it wasn't an exact science, there were other variables in play. For example, perhaps the rising of the yeast was impacted by the amount of sugar added, but yet somehow granny on the fly slightly modified her recipe, and magically her results were nothing short of miracurious. The same but different!

Grandma initially implemented her tried and tested baking formula but she had to improvise to get the outcome she wanted, here in lies the correlation between a seasoned trainer and grannie. The variables for any trainer is the client. Not all have the same goals, motivation, or level of experience, but that doesn't necessarily mean they can't each be successful. 

Like grannie, the trainer is the secret sauce.The three training components are always in play, and to a degree they're equal in terms of producing results, but because people are individually unique it makes them an inexact science, just like the the training components. Is your trainer the secret sauce?