Tell them the why

It's difficult getting through to personal trainers if they want to send a message of being legit, tell the client why they're doing exercises, or eating a certain way. If trainers don't understand the three critical components to begin with, they already can't. Believe it or not this is the lifeline for building a long lasting clientele. 

Even when trainers know the why, sometimes they fail to inform their clients, which is never acceptable, and an early sign of a fake trainer. This is about lack of discipline which is as bad as not knowing the why to begin with, but more importantly clearly shows lack of giving a damn, plus being lazy. A personal trainer should always be mindful of developing certain habits that are performed each and every time when instructing clientele. 

Through repetition these necessary steps will become something automatic, but not automatic in a way that comes off canned, or insincere as clients pick up on that. Here's the bottom line, you have to practice your craft in exactly the way you train and inform your client including tone and enthusiasm.

Fake trainer's are not disciplined enough to train consistently instead are hot and cold, much like amateur athletes, compared to pros who play at the top of their game with only an occasional off day. Although pros make it look seamless, it never is, and it comes with a big price tag called perfect willingness of effort. 

Like the average person, most trainers let good get in the way of great, which is unfortunate especially if you're the unlucky client who wants and pays for great results. For clients who hire a trainer, if at any time you don't hear the why that's a big tell, and they should be called out. It may create an uncomfortable situation, but it's going to happen eventually when you end up totally frustrated with subpar results.