It starts in the weight room baby

My friend Vince Gironda, known as the iron guru I'm sure right now is rolling over in his grave flipping off the health and fitness industry, mostly because there are so many useless gadgets on the market that over promise results, however under perform. Like Vince, I'm more of a purest to the sport of bodybuilding, mainly because that's the sport in which I competed and fell in love.

The knowledge garnered from the sport led me into other types and styles of training such as specific training for athletes, which was quite useful once I became a personal trainer.Training athletes was a much different challenge because not only did training with weights have to be specific to the particular sport, but more importantly to the position. It was all about improving athletic performance. 

This is when I began to understand the possibilities and broad spectrum of weight training as a powerful training tool, but there was more to it than that. Understanding how to fully leverage the athlete's body through space for producing extraordinary results was crucial. 

Achieving full training potential be it athletic performance or achieving maximum fitness, one must first clearly identify the objective, followed by prioritizing a specific training protocol of exercises performed in a certain order. Note to self, if a trainer is not well versed with first hand knowledge and experience they can do more harm than good, in fact they can diminish performance and increase injuries.

The health and fitness industry is constantly being littered with new, fancy gimmicks for developing and improving strength, power, endurance, and losing fat, but you don't need them. All you need are barbells, dumbbells, and a trainer who knows to the inth degree how to manipulate and implement the components properly.