And then what... When your goals are met

If you end up being in that small minority group who initially set out to meet your health and fitness goals, and you reach them, then what. Percentage wise, it's really quite an accomplishment considering most people fail repeatedly. Short term goals should always be the main focus, as that improves the probability of success, in addition mitigating the chances of being overwhelmed, both physically, and emotionally. Following through with your purposed intentions is paramount, but you gotta have a strategy in place, otherwise results will be very short lived. 

It's important to plan for success and failure ahead of time, because when that time comes, you'll be able to stay in objective action mode making coherent decisions based on thoughtful pre planning. Most people won't do this because it takes energy which requires discipline. Most don't really want to be accountable, especially to themselves, because it potentially exposes one to their own weaknesses and downfall.  Who wants that? 

Only the group of people who are really committed, that's who, because that's life's built in trade-off. Otherwise, the rest like the idea of attaining a goal, more than actually following through, which is hard to admit. So where do we go from here? Short and long term phases...As mentioned, plan your outcome with short and long term goals. Short term goals should be no longer than four weeks. 

The goals set in short term phase should be very conservative and progressive with each week. Short term goals should be realistic, even if you have to over compensate making the weekly marker relatively easy to accomplish. Reaching weekly markers is the beginning of creating long term success. The psychological factor, and benefit of getting in the habit of reaching weekly markers develops an important foundation for long term goal reaching. 

Like short term goals, each week should be  progressive, and more challenging. Long term goal phase should begin once eight weeks of short term goal phase have successfully been completed, and should last four before ongoing adjustments are made. The reason for goals in long term phase to be more unrealistic is because as one gets closer to reaching any kind of pinnacle it requires a different kind of effort.