Failing Is A Winning Proposition

Repetition is the mother of skill seven if it means failing, over, and over again. Winning is part of losing and vice versa, but this is a rather tedious concept to wrap one's head around with the ability to have the proper mindset  for the sake of productivity. 

Having perfect willingness to tolerate failure is a commitment to excellence, but you gotta get comfortable with it without caving into it. Talk about confusing messages. Athlete's learn this from a young age, and yet this dynamic ends many a careers before they ever start. If you tell an athlete that perfect practice makes perfect, it eventually makes perfect sense. 

But of you tell them that failing repeatedly, even failing hard, especially early on makes a champion can have a negative connotation. This is why athletes have to drink the cool aid at a young age, because this is a cult like tactic and an environment that's imbalanced by design. Herein lies the reason seldom are there overnight successes, because this win, lose proposition applies to all those who dream of being a peak performer but it comes with a major trade-off. 

Learning how to perform at peak levels separates the pack leaders from the pack. This is the natural pecking order of life that transcends all walks of it, because life is a calculated formula. Of course this is through the eyes of my experience, opinion, and point of view. 

There isn't one formula that fits all because all things are fluid, forever in flux  but through repetitions, success, and failure, values are defined to a degree that makes it a science of sorts, or at least a learning curve model for others to preview and test. 

When you learn how fail, it must be done in small segments as not to destroy the human spirit. Usually the natural calculated order of life creates temporary balance to this process, because even when you lose, that is also temporary, which means you'll occasionally win which will temporarily spur you on.