Knowledge, discipline, power... the antidote 

I was freaked out about my weight until I was twenty seven, and never again since. There's no question that knowledge is power, but it's not absolute power. I never had a weight problem when I was an athlete, as sports because of the discipline kept me in shape. Once I stopped playing at the age of twenty two my stress levels about weight gain began escalating, and it didn't take long before I started falling apart. 

All of a sudden I didn't have accountability, in addition coaches pushing me to accel to my full athletic potential. By the age of twenty seven my whole life as I knew it changed, having a completely new set of priorities, as a new father and someone responsible for his family. Playing sports at this stage was definitely not an option, including weekend warrior sports. 

I soon realized I new nothing about what it took to control my weight, and just because I'd been an athlete didn't make it any better, in fact made it worse. Being in great shape unknowingly created a standard by which I felt I had to maintain, but now with no tools or skills other than playing sports most of my life, ironically now put me at a severe disadvantage. 

This had a cause and effect response which led me to extreme behavioral tendencies and a ton of angst, putting me on quite a rollercoaster ride for years until the day I read my first bodybuilding magazine. Years later after becoming a high level competitive bodybuilder did I realize the negative effects of emotional weight gain which is exactly what happened to me. 

It was all about feeling powerless, even helpless, which also had physiological side effects, fortunately  temporary, but it could have produced long termed consequences. As a personal trainer whose now been in the indusrty, I've seen what happens to individuals who never get a handle on angst or extreme behavior, including and not limited to osteoporosis and adrenal burn out, which can have dire consequences.