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The Overtraining Time Zone

It's virtually impossible to overtrain the physiology if you don't exceed a certain time in your training session. Keep in mind what I'm referring to is anaerobic training sessions. When your training sessions are shorter, you can train up to five times per day, and still not overtrain, believe it or not.

If you continually train past the overtraining time zone, it can take your physiology several days to recover. Most of us who have trained, have overtrained, in some cases over and over again, for years. It's hard to break a habit until the habit breaks you. Overtraining has several side effects, with some lasting a lifetime. The one side effect that really pissed me off was getting hurt, which temporarily detoured progress. Oh, how I wish I would've known about the overtraining time zone sooner.

I learned about this zone on one of my trips to the east block, specifically Bulgaria. Although I had Olympic coaches and some of the world's best sports doctors providing me with this information, in addition with clinical data as hard evidence, I simply couldn't wrap my head around two things. One, that shorter training sessions produced bigger results, and that you could train up to five times per day.

I guess in some ways like my dad said, it's best to learn from firsthand experience. Well, I got a lot of that and then some, which makes me a bit of a resident expert, even though I say so myself. In a nutshell, in order to convince myself, I applied what I learned from the Bulgarians, and sure enough, they were correct.

There really is an overtraining time zone. I'll go out on a limb here and be willing to bet that not many people know about this, not even pro bodybuilders, who spend tons of hours honing their body. So, for those of you who've enlisted a trainer, or are about to, ask them where the overtraining time zone occurs in a training session. If they don't know this, your progress is already in jeopardy. FYI, below are some clues about where the overtraining zone is.

30 - 45 minutes

0 - 10 minutes

11 - 29 minutes

Stay tuned for more truth talking....


The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)