What the hell happen to the gym?

Hard to tell anymore! I haven't seen a really good training session in a gym since the nineties, and I'm not blind. It's pathetic and absurd beyond belief. All I see are fake trainers, fake gurus, fake workouts, fake everything. These fucking moronic trainers have their thumb up their assess not giving clients any kind of credible workout, far from it. 

Everyone now thanks to social media call themselves a guru this, guru that. I got your guru right here. These gurus are giving information that's inept, delirious, and dangerous. And then they're is the general gym atmosphere of members on their own doing what appears to be a training session.

This is definitely a site for sore eyes, and not in a good way. Ok, let me be clear, these are not fucking workouts. I've seen more action watching a moth eat a drape. These people shouldn't even  be in Planet Fitness, because even there they'd be judged. 

It's time to drain the gym swamp land. The first thing that has to happen is actually have real workouts happen in side the gym. People most of the time are like sheep, they do a damn good job of following. This will not be an easy feat, because like any other change in life, at first it's frightening. Snowflakes beware, start looking for a safe space and counseling. 

In the meantime for those who are clueless or the visual type, go to the website listed at the bottom, and watch what real training looks like. Watch it three or more times before you attempt it yourself, other wise hire a real trainer, preferably who looks the part. www.automaticfitnessplus.com.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

What a croc

A personal trainer on Google who's name I won't reveal, as not to embarrass him gives guidelines for strength, endurance, muscle with respect to weight training. When you work with or get advice from a personal trainer you want someone who knows their stuff, unfortunately they don't come a dime a dozen, as a matter of fact, not even a dime of two dozens. This so called expert trainer attempted to dazzel the readers with his knowledge on how to weight train for producing strength, endurance, and muscle growth. 

To be more accurate, he gave guidelines for repetitions and rest periods in each one of the categories.The guidelines he gave were boiler plate, otherwise very general information. Where does Google find these rookies? I totally get it, when you're explaining things to an audience, you have to talk in fourth grade language, but this ya hoo did little to explain in a way that made it seem like he himself knew what he was talking about. Seems to me it was a copy and paste job, or worse. 

Truth is, if he had command of his  knowledge and craft he would have educated the reader beyond the general guidelines, providing them a targeted working strategy of how they could improve on the general guidelines, listing core groups of exercises in each one of the categories that have a higher probability for producing more efficient results. He also should have identified the importance of training time of workout sessions, and how to avoid overtraining, as this definitely impacts reps and rest periods. 

But he didn't. Because I'm highly skeptical, my question is why is that, if the goal is always to teach and educate? Think about it, when you open a new business, you just don't hang up a shingle and hope clients show up, and you also don't mail in boiler plate information. I would be shocked if this trainer on Google has much of a clientele, as he had his moment in front of a big audience to show his stuff and he definitely fell short, way short. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

I can tell you've never competed

You wake up one day after seven years and decide you can't take it anymore. You're out of shape, and some how it feels like life is already passing you by, and you're not even thirty years of age. You're frustrated, but not enough, because there's not enough pain to snap you out of this lull. 

But then one day it happens, but you're not sure, because you've not had this exact feeling which is somewhere deep inside you. You decide to start working out with weights, which isn't anything earth shattering, yet it seems like it, because it's the furthest thing that you thought you'd ever do. 

Fast forward six months, unbelievably not only are you still working out with weights, you're now training, which is another level of intensity. This phase you're in is much more serious, as in you're training everyday, watching what you eat, to the point, you're counting calories of every single thing that goes in your mouth.

Not only are you feeling better, you're looking good and people are really noticing. Now the unforeseeable happens after a year of training. You decide to compete in a bodybuilding competition. The thought of being judged in posing trunks goes way beyond unforeseeable, it borders on horrifying, and yet somehow you drum up enough nerve to compete anyway. 

Fast forward four months, you've now competed, and it's changed your life forever. Over the next fifteen years the bodybuilding lifestyle is now your life. You've become a master of your craft competing at a level where you know the ends and outs of how nutrition and exercise really impacts performance. As you reflect back, you remember when you thought you had all the answers, but now you realize you didn't. You understand that the only source of knowledge is experience. 

However, history will continue to repeat itself. It's obvious when you read about self proclaimed experts on social media who tout themselves as trainers giving advice on nutrition and training. It's also obvious they lack experience.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

When should you do cardio?

It would be nice if getting the facts about anything related to diet and exercise were black and white, but if that was the case there would not be any gray matter. I'm telling you from first hand experience all the good shit happens in the gray matter, before it returns to black and white. 

When I first began my bodybuilding career I was so certain I knew everything about all kinds of things, like best way to train to pack on muscle, or how much protein one should consume on a daily basis. Name it, and I knew. It was a black and white answer. 

Fast forward with a few more years of experience under my belt, learning more about those very same things, I realized that my confident certainty about black and white conclusions had changed.  Now it seemed everything I knew about diet and exercise was all gray matter. Nothing was black and white any longer. All of a sudden I was in a time frame of my career where everything was a work in progress, and I didn't seem to conclusively know shit anymore. How could it be I knew less even though I had more experience.

I continued to learn at the school of hard knocks, simply needing more years of first hand, in the trenches of real time experiences. I had to fail, and fail some more to start getting the answers to all the gray matter that had once been black and white. Albert Einstein nailed it when he said real knowledge is experience. 

So, to address the question of when you should do cardio. The black and white answer is if you're an athlete training for sport, do it after your weight training. If you're not an athlete training for sport, rather for overall fitness, it doesn't matter, PERIOD...

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Train more and get more

You won't hear that too often. Your body is designed to handle stress, so stress it out by training it more often. In order to produce more results from your training program at times you have to irritate the muscle more frequently. Say that to most trainers and they'll probably wet themselves. 

Note, there is a process and a method to the madness for irritating the physiology to the point where you push it to the edge without sending it into overtraining land. But keep in mind, one thing you shouldn't do for sure is train more than 45 minutes at any one time because eventually that will  promote overtraining. 

However, there is an override for this. You can train twice, even three times per day without any exposure for overtraining, but you have to keep training times between twenty and thirty minutes. If you want to watch your trainer melt down and soil themselves, tell them of this little unknown fact. 

Here's another inside training tip, tried and tested in the trenches, which will improve exercise performance. Trick your physiology, by implementing training tactics called hyperacceleration, and hyperadaptation. This is where for a period time throughout a regular training regimen, you increase training intensity, or volume, before you decellerate intensity, or volume back to the regular training regimen. Understanding how to manipulate the physiology in this manner is an efficient way to push the envelope for continued progress. If your trainer does not understand this training methodology, they're definitely compromising your results. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Is your health and fitness training program a trend... Probably!

Three only way you can create ongoing consistent results from your health and fitness program is to have a regimen that's built on a sold foundation. Keep in mind, your body is always in a state of flux.To some degree, on some level, it's constantly adapting to it's environment even though initially your mind tends to resist. Here in lies the conflicting dilemma.

Human nature prefers to take the path less traveled, but if you want to create change, you must challenge it with a consistent regimen, yet most people don't, unfortunately most personal trainers don't either. Simply put, changing your training regimen too often produces less results. 

If you're that person who is always following the next trend that will continue to pop up, you'll never attain your full potential, because you won't reach the full potential of the physiology. It's your brain  fucking you up. To be clear, your brain is an organ that acts like a muscle. 

The organ (brain) in a training regimen, in layman terms gets bored and wants change before the physiology (muscle) has fully adapted to the training regimen. So, when you change your training regimen too soon, you make your brain happy, because it has something new and exciting to try, but you short change your physiology. There is a reasonable fix for this.

Listen up fake trainers, here's the scoop. Instead of  constantly changing the complete training regimen, make subtle changes, a slight variation, but still following through with the original training regimen until the physiology fully adapts. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Muscles can't count

We usually attach a rep range to a training set. Not a bad thing, but reps are not best indicator for determining an effective training set. Sometimes inexperienced trainers, or those individuals who are beginners, or intermediate status rely too much on repetitions rather than the state of the muscle. 

You see, the objective when performing a set is to make every rep count by feeling the movement of the exercise from start to finish, for every single repetition, but most importantly at the completion of each training set, the muscle should be thoroughly exhausted.

What often happens when only counting repetitions, the muscle is under trained, because the rep range the for the training set is the priority instead of focusing on the muscle reaching exhaustion. You can now see how this training strategy overtime will produce sub par results because the muscle is not getting properly trained.

This will definitely have a negative effect on one's  performance, and the way they look. Seasoned trainers know this and should continue to emphasize when training clients that it's fine to have a rep range as a form of accountability, as well a goal to hit, but the focus must remain on the muscle itself. If by the end of the set you still haven't thoroughly exhausted the muscle, it would be appropriate to do more reps until it happens. 

Conversely, when you're not able to complete the repetitions you've set for yourself in a training set because of muscle exhaustion, it should not be considered under performing, which ironically is exactly what happens. It's hard to be logical and objective about the fact that muscles can't count, which is why you want a trainer who fully understands the training process.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Ask a world level bodybuilder who's a student of the game

Ask five trainers what's the best way to train and eat, and you're bound to get five different answers. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but to the unsuspecting consumer, it could be a nightmare. I know one thing that gives me peace of mind, when I'm inquiring about something I know little about, is talking to someone who seems confident in what they're talking about. 

It gives me a certain comfort level, and believe me my comfort level directly correlates with the amount of money I might be laying out. Knowledge is another key factor. It's important to note that just because someone is confident, doesn't mean they're knowledgeable. They could be a slick con artist. 

I would also be weary of someone whose doing all the talking when I'm inquiring about the things I think I want or need. Someone who really understands human nature is sensitive to that fact, and knows they primarily are the listener in this conversation. What I want and need might not necessarily coincide, which simply means they would miss that important detail if they were only in talk mode. 

There's a unique balance between two people when they're really communicating with each other, especially when a trainer is trying to understand what my wants and needs are, at the same time being the problem solver I need for my legit concerns. 

And finally, to put the nail in the coffin, is to have a trainer succinctly let me know what their strategy will be to help me achieve what I want so I can be fit, healthy and feel good about myself. All of these things will happen when you ask a world level bodybuilder, who's a student of the game, which will result in the consumer getting exactly what they want and need, a legit trainer. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Half the time you're the problem

The fake trainer syndrome we now have in the fitness industry is at epic proportions, but since I'm all about fairness, half the time you're the problem, yes you, client. Half of you don't really want to get in shape, you like the idea of it instead. 

You have all kinds of lame excuses as to why you can't, hence this is why fake trainers exist in the first place, because they like the idea of being a legit trainer, but also have all kinds of lame excuses why they're not. You see, it's about accountability from fake trainer and fake client. 

Real trainers know this, not only holding themselves to highest level of accountability, but the client as well. Bottom line, you got to do the work, consistently. Trainers have to be on their game, engaging, motivating and always paying attention to their client making sure they stay on the path to success.

The client has to be consistent with the willingness to keep getting up off the mat showing up for the workout to get better, and if they're not, they need to stay with the fake trainer, as they are a match made in heaven. Unfortunately, all of this underachieving is a sign of the times we're in where the standard of average is good enough. Not in my house, not ever. My standard is getting in the best shape of your life or your money back. If that's not good enough for you, stay right where you are, because you're getting exactly what you deserve. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Another Google trainer gives part of the answer

She claims the fastest way to burn body fat is to do strength training. She goes on to say you should weight lift, instead of doing more cardio. Not entirely wrong information, just incomplete, which seems to be a common theme among Google's featured personal trainers. Sad I'd say. 

First of all, this Google faker trainer article was targeted to a female audience. The reason I bring that up is because it makes the article even less accurate. Let's be clear, strength training is specifically for developing strength. Strength in itself isn't the most efficient way to burn more body fat, unlike volume training, meaning doing more reps, less weight. 

The incoherent fake trainer obviously doesn't know this. The reason I said targeting a female audience made the content of the article less accurate, was due to the fact that because females produce less testosterone than their counterpart, makes it less efficient to add strength or muscle, even though it can be done. 

So, doing more strength training is not the fastest way to burn body fat as this trainer suggests. Google's fake trainer would have given valuable information by communicating this, instead saying that the best way to burn body fat is to combine volume training with cardio. In addition, if they really knew their craft, they would have easily listed a weight training program based on volume, and a low impact cardio program. Period! Incomplete information such as this is a clear indication the trainer is inexperienced. Is your trainer legit? 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

You don't have to be great all the time... just at the right time

The goal of a personal trainer should be to strive for excellence at all times, on their A game when training clients. It's a helluva goal to shoot for but nevertheless you should. The reality however, is you can't be great all the time, but you don't have to, it’s more important to be great at the right time. 

You're going to have off days, everyone does, even the highest paid pros at the top of their game. The difference is the great ones know how to be great when it counts, at the right times. Mind you, being great at the right times doesn't just happen, but you can train for those moments. 

It's done through daily repetitions, practicing to always be great, in addition what happens as a side effect of this process is that you consequently develop good training instincts, where you become highly aware and in sync with each of your client's habits, personality traits, strengths and weaknesses.

Being this in tuned with will develop your intuitive sense, and the ability for you to know when your client really needs you. It becomes second nature and a seamless process which has a major impact on the client, because it builds loyalty and trust. 

As good as all of this sounds, it takes a boatload of discipline. Remember, the distinction between a great trainer and a fake trainer is perfect willingness. The mark of great trainers is their perfect willingness to be fully engaged with all of their clients.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

More Is Better

Try it all, look for new ways, it will be necessary, but in the end, you’ll realize to be a master of anything you have to put in the work. In the training industry it's often said that less is better, and quality is more efficient than quantity. That's definitely a fact and part of the equation, but not the final answer. There are many steps that must be taken, and thousands of hours of time invested, assuming that you want to be a master with complete command of your craft. It’s a powerful place to be in that fills you with the kind of confidence not many are willing to achieve. 

There are always tradeoffs, the question is are you willing to tolerate them? Most are not yet, and they don't know or want to admit it. For those who have come to grips, there's certainly nothing wrong with that. Remember, as Albert Einstein once said, " The only source of knowledge is experience". Achieving master status does not come without its challenges. In your massive attempt towards mastery, you'll soon find out that heart breaking rejection has to become a new normal, otherwise you'll never reach the pinnacle.  

This is an achievement that demands everything from within. Part of your evolution as a human being will be learning how to creatively adapt on the fly in your environment, which will keep you focused, and on your path. In addition developing a mindset that will virtually withstand any adversity that will present itself along your journey. This is a good thing because there will be times you'll be tested beyond your perceived limits, yet you will find a way to persevere, because in your gut you know it’s worth it. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Feeling The Exercise Is More Important Than Form

Humans are not built exactly the same, but they pretty much are.  Usually you'll feel an exercise when good form is present. That being said, if you're a real trainer you know that with every exercise and any body part there is a natural pathway where your body is most efficient in terms of performance. In the industry we call that the groove, the sweet spot if you will.

However, when you're pushing your body past its normal limits unconventional training tactics are often needed. Such as loose style training which to the untrained eye and sadly fake trainers looks like cheating. Make no mistake, a world level bodybuilder knows that's not the case.

To take the knowledge of a world level bodybuilder and being a student of the game, you know that feeling an exercise is more important than form. Even though the form looks out of whack for is not as important because your body is still in its groove where max performance occurs. 

Most would question that logic and that's fine, but the ones who outright denounce it reveal their first-hand inexperience. If you've been in the training trenches long enough you know there are different variations of pain, joint and muscle. This is a very important distinction and an X- factor.  

Someone who is seasoned and always progressing, always learning how to get more performance out of the muscle searches for training nuances, which seem unorthodox to the untrained or inexperienced eye. The bottom line is loose style training (cheating), and partials (which is another training tactic) when done properly are extremely effective in taking muscle performance to the next level, PERIOD!

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

When did the gym become a fucking dog kennel?

Let's be clear, I love dogs, but in a gym? Okay, if it's a legit service dog, beautiful, otherwise why? Every time I think I've seen it all, I get surprised. So, I'm sitting on a bike doing cardio at a popular, well known gym whose tag line is serious fitness. I then see someone who is a well-known bodybuilder walk across the gym going to another piece of equipment to lift some serious weight, so I thought, but they have their dog with them. What? Is the dog a training partner, or some kind of a dog life coach? 

In today's society it wouldn't surprise me if the dog was a life coach. People believe all kinds of stupid shit fake trainers spew on Google on fake health and fitness news. So, a dog life coach is not that big of a stretch now is it. WTH, isn't that why they have dog parks or beaches to walk on?

Listen up boys and girls, a gym is a place for some serious ass workouts, not to be babysat by a dog life coach. Are you so insecure or panic stricken you can't possibly put on your big boy or girl workout tights and do the gym thing solo or with a human training partner?

This new training culture in the gym has become seriously pathetic and absurd beyond belief. The way things are going, I'm going to need a shrink because I'm getting panicked. Where in Sam hill am I supposed to go train without having to compete with dog life coaches? I'm just saying! 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

You have to take your body to the extreme before you really understand how it works

It takes a world level bodybuilder 10-12 years to build their physique. That sport is built on extreme behavior on every level, every single step of the way, and it becomes more extreme with more years of being in the sport. 

When you consider the only way you can attain the body of a greek god is to have the perfect willingness to go into the gym, sometimes seven days a week and put yourself through a training regimen that has the intensity of someone walking in fire naked each and every time they step in  the gym, then you begin to understand the mindset and commitment. 

And, its not only the abusive training one must endure, in addition it's being able to tolerate an extreme diet regimen where half the time your shoving thousands of calories a day in your pie hole, forcing the body to gain muscle, which by the way goes against its own nature, and an uphill battle to say the least. 

Then you switch gears and virtually starve the body days upon days, to achieve that ultra ripped physique for the upcoming competition months down the road. It's the ultimate sacrifice, but it's the only way you can find out if the diet and training strategy you committed to will bare fruit come competition day, however, the reality is most often you miss your peak by days, or even by hours.

It's heartbreaking, and disappointing because of all the time you put in, but its ok, because after taking off a few days, you shake it off and are back in the gym pounding your body into submission with more training, eating thousands of calories a day, but with a different strategy for the next competition the following year. 

The mindset of a bodybuilder is an amazing thing because they are willing to put themselves through hell and back and take their bodies through dangerous extremes at times just to find out how the body works. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Is your trainer preening, prancing, peacocking, or peahening when they should be training you?

Some of these fake, narcissistic trainers have their heads so far up their asses, I'm shocked more haven't died from suffocation. They walk around in the gym trying to find any mirror they can flex in, or really anything that will produce a reflection of themselves, no matter how distorted.

It's obvious to me the reflection of the mirror is not congruent with how these morons really look, otherwise they would cover the fuck up, like from head to toe cover-up. Now, if all of this isn't disgusting enough, they're doing this while training their clients who are paying them a shitload of money.

To an extent, it's rather hysterical and somewhat entertaining watching them prance in the gym like an Arabian show horse, or stomping around like a silver back gorilla. Fucking hilarious I say. However, if only these prancing idiots knew they are delusional and looked more like a dwarf miniature horse, or pygmy marmoset, which is the smallest monkey in the world, they might want to reconsider. Probably not!!

This rant I'm having may seem like an exaggeration of sorts, but rest assured it's not. Don't get me wrong, I don't have a real issue with the preeners, prancers, peacocks and peahens, unless it's at the expense of the client, and so many times sadly it is. So, bottom line, if you're an aspiring trainer, or one who is not too far gone because of being terminally delusional, there is still hope, straighten your shit out. If you're the client in a toxic relationship be aware and don't hesitate to confront your trainer, or find someone else. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Your gym shouldn't be a morgue or a meat locker

What the hell is going on in these gyms today. The energy sucks, plain and simple. I've seen more action watching a moth eat a drape, or even watching paint dry. And what's even more sickening is how people who are working out, supposedly to achieve results, are so adverse to breaking a sweat, or even being uncomfortably hot, needing or complaining about wantingthe AC on so low it feels like a meat locker, WTF...

It's a sign of the times I'd say. The gym culture is rapidly going to hell in a hand basket. The entitlement mindset of the new age gym member has become dis-eased to the point of absurdity. There are no good role models anymore, sad.Gyms these days are a shit show, but im not surprised, rather highly disappointed. I come from a time where a training session was borderline abuse, about hard labor, and we loved it, wanting more. Back then was also where I was introduced to the breathing bench which became a necessary evil. 

This was where having a bench next to where you were training so you could sit in between sets was a must, otherwise you would find yourself on the floor flopping around like a fish out of water gasping for your last breath.There was no such thing as talking before, during or after sets, because number one, you thought you were dieing, secondly, it meant you weren't training hard enough. 

All there was time for was to recover, shut the fuck up and do another set, and another set, and another fucking set. Damn do I miss those days when we sweat like pigs, barely able to walk out of the gym under our own power. Now, if you sweat in a gym or make some guttural noises, or actually god for bid do a real workout, these fucking snowflakes need a grief councelor. Ahh how I long for the good ole days.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

One training objective at a time

Hello, multi task training is not the most efficient way to burn body fat Jullian Michaels. So much bullshit information on the market, and sadly from some pretty qualified trainers. Obviously Jullian's made a big name for herself in the industry as a trainer, but when someone says that doing a strength training cardio circuit is the best way to efficiently burn fat, they are simply wrong. 

Here's why. When a trainer makes a blanket statement like that it's a tell tale sign of the lack of first hand experience. The information she's giving isn't entirely wrong, just mostly not right, because she said a strength cardio circuit is the most EFFICIENT way to burn body fat. Nope, that's not how your physiology works, efficiently.

There's no doubt your body can adapt to several things at once because that's your body's (physiology), flight or fight nervous system kicking in adapting to its environment, or even protecting you from a perceived threat, but if you want to be efficient, you provide anenvironment, in this case a training environment for the physiology to adapt, before moving onto the next objective. 

This is a great example why having the training objective to put on muscle while burning body fat is not efficient, just like strength training and cardio together aren't the most efficient ways to burn body fat. The proper way to design an efficient training program is to determine the main objective and reach that objective first. It doesn't mean that as in Jullian's example you shouldn't do strength training and cardio together, but understand, which is my contention with her article, doing them together in a circuit is not efficient, period. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

The best way to burn body fat

Another Google trainer gives part of the answer. She claims the fastest way to burn body fat is to do strength training. She goes on to say you should weight lift, instead of doing more cardio. Not entirely wrong information, just incomplete, which seems to be a common theme among Google's featured personal trainers. Sad I'd say.

When a statement line this is made, it's quite obvious, at least to the real trainers, that strength training is not the fastest way to burn body fat, not to say over time it plays an important role. This fake Google trainer is inexperienced, lacking command of the three training components.

Let's be clear, strength training first makes you stronger, with the secondary benefit of added muscle mass, hence when you add muscle your body's ability to burn more calories increases, which can impact in a positive way fat loss, but that doesn't mean strength training is the best way to burn body fat, however part of the equation.

To further set the record straight, the best way to add muscle is to do volume training, meaning reps that range from 6-100, with at least eight sets, and relatively short rest periods, 30-45 seconds between sets. That's the scoop on one of the training components this fake trainer was trying to explain.

Now, to further explain the best way to burn body fat, you must implement the other two training components, which include cardio training and nutrition. Now you know the best way to burn body fat.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

How convenient is your discipline!

It seems most people have a distorted view of how disciplined they are. The word discipline generally has a negative connotation and is something that can be followed, but usually not for very long. The upside effect of discipline is related to the amount of time invested over the long haul. It's definitely something learned as opposed to something inherent. 

You'll soon realize life is full of tradeoffs no matter what, either way with a price to pay. Discipline is not tangible, so you can't touch or feel it, instead you must rely and trust the power of thought, which is the intangible, one of nature’s natural forces where you can access strength, belief, and power.

In order for discipline to be an ongoing presence, there must be a bigger calling or eventually it will fizzle. Motivation, and results are definitely factors and part of the discipline equation but still not enough to keep you in the game. Discipline can be euphoric, but it's ever so elusive, and gone in a heartbeat, at times a fickle bitch I'd say.

Long term discipline is an animal of a different color and breed of its own. You gotta dig deep in your heart and soul to withstand the suffer fest that discipline bestows upon you. It's definitely the silver lining in the cloud and a gift that keeps on giving, but you'll have to prove yourself over, and over again to be worthy.

Bodybuilding saved me in so many ways, not because it became my passion, it was my addiction. It was the very thing I needed because it immediately demanded unwavering discipline, not caring one iota about my feelings. Bodybuilding became the glue in my life that pulled me through good and bad times. Discipline is not supposed to be convenient.

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Best, The Truth Talking (Leo Costa Jr)