Is your trainer a yes guy, or yes girl?

This scenario often times happens especially with fake trainers because they don't have knowledge or strength of character. First of all, a legit trainer has a plan of attack, for themselves and their clients based on a ton of first hand experience, theory, and pure logic.They're always at least one step ahead of the game with a backup plan in case the original doesn't go like it should, and by the way it usually doesn't. 

There are so many ways to skin a cat, but you definitely don't skin every cat the same way, metaphorically speaking. Trainers who are not legit are always operating from behind, with their training strategy being nothing more than a series of after thoughts. 

This is one of first signs a trainer has a crack in their armor. Social media has created a crisis to a degree in the health and fitness industry because it lowers the bar for credibility, and promotes lack of accountability. Everybody and their dog these days are internet/social media experts. It's gotta be true because it's on the internet right? WRONG!

Fake trainer's are yes people, yet they need to say no at appropriate times. They read information somewhere, try it on a limited basis, and implement on their client. Yes they say, this is a great way to get results, but they really don't know why, but do a good job of perpetually nodding their head yes. 

If you're one of those clients who have a yes trainer it's not the worse thing in the world, however close. If ever you work with a legit trainer, they're bound to ruin you because then you'll have a valid reference, realizing that getting consistent results 75% of the time is much more significant that what a fake trainer can produce. Legit trainers are hard to come by, so be prepared to settle for mediocrity, unless you're willing to say no yourself. 

You may not get what you want, instead what you need

When you first start a training program, you don't really know what you want, except that you want it all. That's all fine and dandy but not a very good idea. First of all, it's overwhelming to your physiology plus it's inefficient, and counterproductive.

The fact you have goals in the first place is a definite positive, and if you can manage to consistently show up to your scheduled training sessions, you're half way in the ball game. Weight training, cardio conditioning, and nutrition are not rocket science, but if you're training yourself be mindful that eventually you'll figure it out, but I assure you it will be a long learning curve.

It's important to understand there will be alot of trial and error, even more failure, but it's part of the process and the price of admission as they say. From a perspective of efficiency, and experience, I would highly recommend considering a trained professional for putting together a coherent training regimen that will shorten the learning curve, minimizing natural crossroads of a program which often derail individuals due to frustration from lack of results. 

My recommendation at this stage is to hire a trainer for one solid month, as there is nothing quite the same as learning how to train in real time, which gives immediate insight on things like proper form, technique, training tempo, and rest periods. Completing a month provides a reference, and a good beginning point to put you on the right path. From here, meeting with a trainer once a month for a training tune up to check form, technique, and execution will keep progress moving forward nicely.

And finally, the next natural progression for facilitating progress is hiring a trainer full time where they will get into much greater detail in other important elements of a training program, in addition motivating you in ways far too advanced due to your lack of experience.  

Are you that trainer?

You dumb ass, you wonder why you can't make a living as a personal trainer. Well, I'll tell you why, other than being undisciplined, you're lazy, dramatic, and you give out shitty information, otherwise you're a peach. If I'm not making myself clear, I can repeat. 

We all have to start somewhere, I get that, but some of you fake idiots are not willing to learn the business in the right way. You gotta do the work man, put in the time, day in, day out. Early on based on all the time you'll end up investing, you're working for cheap as far as what you can eventually charge down the road for your service as a personal trainer. Here's why...

Besides knowing everything regarding nutrition and training, there's another world of information you should understand like the back of your hand. In other words, great trainers wear many hats, otherwise they fall way short of their full potential, eventually being exposed for who they really are, a fake trainer.

You see, you're  only as good as your weakest link. In case you're wondering what some of those are, here are a couple of examples.You gotta be a shrink of sorts if you want to make your clients perform to their full potiental. A great trainer has the ability to get in their client's head in a big way, very subtly I might add, to the point they don't even know it, the client that is.  

Great trainer's also have canny bedside manners, ranging from empathic to smart ass, funny or even degrading, however never at the expense of compromising client workouts. No, this is all calculated and contrived and part of the method to their madness.

It's all about creating an interesting environment or a specific edge in the training program to get the most production from the client. Great trainers know it's about the end game helping clients reach their goals, in addition knowing what it's going to take to get them there. Are you that trainer?

It doesn't have to go to hell in a hand basket

Get off the slippery slope and get back on the wagon. Look we're flawed humans who screw up from time to time. So what, pull your head out of your ass immediately. Don't look for a reason to fail, because that's what most people do. It's easier to use this strategy because it's a way to let yourself off the hook. 

That's bullshit thinking on every level.This is my training philosophy today as it's been for the last thirty six years. If you're willing to let yourself off the hook on a regular basis, you've already set yourself for failure, no mater what you're trying to achieve. 

The main problem is your head. You keep getting in your own way impeding results, not aware that it's gut check time for you in a big way. You have no idea how you're setting yourself for a major setback. I'm not making this up. I assure you you're preaching to the choir with all of these weak ass excuses you manage to dream up to appease yourself. 

If you don't stop this madness you're living with, meaning you, the pied piper will come calling, and you're not going to like it. You'll be so far in a hole, not even outside help with a rope will be enough to pull you out. Why can't human nature get that through their thick skulls and yet they don't. 

My advice for you as your concerned trainer is to break the cycle in your head. It's that negative pre recorded tape that's been looping in your head for years. Just say stop, either out loud or to yourself, doesn't matter, just say it now!! 

You're now on the right path because you've now switched from the useless pre recorded voice of destruct in your head, to listen mode. As your trainer I can help you, because potentially you're ready to accept my advice instead of your own.

I've tried everything... nothing works

Can't tell you how many times over the last thirty six years I've heard this statement. Let's be clear, it's a bullshit statement, one that most losers use. It's easier to give in, than to fight the fight. We know that if we're willing to admit it, but who the fuck wants to do that. 

My job as a legit trainer has always been to diceifer bullshit from the real when clients are talking to me. Sometimes I think I've been around too long in this industry, to the point I can't listen anymore. I find myself analyzing every word people say, which for the most part irritates the living shit out of me. Perhaps I've arrived at a stage of true mastery in the human condition, however only focusing on its weaknesses. Oh oh!

When I first got into personal training, using the apple as a metaphor, I was eating it, taking giant bites, getting fantastic pleasure.That apple seemed huge, I'm talking infinity huge, with no rotten spots any where, just big juicy beautiful bites, but then came that one day.

What the fuck was that I thought as my face cringed after taking a bite... it was a sour spot in the apple. It started happening more often, but I just rationalized it was because I was eating more of the apple. That's how the law of averages work, right? 

Actually yes, but there was more to it than that, but it was too early to know what was also going on. Albert Einstein was dead on when he said real knowledge is experience. With more years of experience it started becoming crystal clear.

The apple from which I had gloriously been eating had slowly over the years started eating me one bite at a time. I had come full circle, now what? It was time to reinvent myself into a different form or a better version of myself or just cave in like most losers, claiming I've tried everything, and nothing worked. No fucking way!!

Do discipline everyday

If you don't exercise discipline everyday in some way shape or form, it's not sustainable. Lack of discipline over time will promote apathy, and dissaray which are at opposite ends of the spectrum. The cause and effect of these contrasting emotions create a domino effect of psychological and physiological disruption.

Your life at this juncture will seem like a continuous spinning wheel where it's near impossible to break through to connect with yourself. This is when your life begins to spin out of control, which  can become a dangerous cycle if you don't pull out of it, so what do you do. 

A football coach once told me "do something even if it's wrong, because it's better than doing nothing at all". I never realized how profound a statement this was especially at that young age, but time and experience are great life lessons. 

When you're in this crazy spin cycle it can cause chaos and adversity, which in itself isn't a bad thing depending on how you use it. Instead, this is newfound energy that can be used as an advantage for creating momentum, which can create a path of least resistance. For example, kicking a soccer ball to a teammate down the field, rather than dribbling it yourself creates a path of least resistance, and a better use of energy. 

Once there's energy, an objective must be created, no matter what it is. Objectives create focus that eventually lead directly to discipline. Discipline loves repetition.You must understand, there's a process for developing something systematic, especially when results can seemingly at will be repeated. Remember, great things don't just happen unless you have targeted effort. Imagine how powerful that can make you. 

Creating discipline is like adding muscle to the body, meaning repetition is the mother of skill, and a process of a repetitive action over time. Most things in life are not final, but temporary, which is good news, because that means discipline is never forever lost, especially if you do even a small amount everyday. 

Someone's always doing something wrong, is it you?

Look around you idiots, I guarantee someone is doing something wrong inside the gym. Legit trainers are mindful of that, especially if they work with multiple clients at one time, yet surprisingly most don't take this advice seriously. 

You would never know it if you saw some of these trainers by the way they carry on while training their clients, because it appears they're on it, paying close attention. It's like when you see everything, but can't see things right in front of you. The challenge is maintaining the necessary discipline keeping one's self the most accountable of the group, not some of the time, but always. 

Human nature falls prey to things that become too routine. It's like a baby being rocked to sleep. There's no question many of these trainers are asleep at the wheel, walking around with their eyes open, training their clients, but they're not really awake, and they don't even know it. 

A legit trainer understands the ultimate goal is to make every aspect of every training session productive, whether you're training one, or multiple clients. Don't fall into the training trap of cruise control mode, suddenly becoming aware you have all your clients on a training program that is more similar than personalized. 

Don't be that trainer who slowly forgets what made them unique to that client who outta the blue starts missing training sessions. This is a sign you've strayed off the beat and path from what you originally intended, which was to be fully engaged with your client and the main objective being to get them in the best shape of their lives.

It will happen before you realize it, where all of a sudden you have a client deficit.Then it hits you right between your eyes, and you wake up. You were once a trainer who was mindful, correcting your clients because they were doing something wrong, now it was you.

Why can't you be normal?

Man did I hear this on a regular basis, especially from my ex wife. To be fair, it was during the period in my life when I was bodybuilding, and competing. When you get into a sport like this, and get bitten by the bug, it consumes all of you to the point where it becomes mind altering. It's like a mad fever or addiction that won't go away. Once you cross the line into the land of addiction, there's no way back, and you don't want to go back. After twenty four hours of being away from it you're ready for more, in fact, a bigger dose please. 

The learning curve of this sport is long and painstakingly arduous, but for some strange reason you can't put it down, or stop thinking about it, which is part of the attraction.The years of regimentation and sacrifice no doubt take a toll, physically and emotionally, but you have to go there or you can't realize the benefits. Occasionally when you have a lucid moment, you realize this line of thinking doesn't make sense, but your thought is fuck common sense, it's overrated.

Truth is, the way you start thinking becomes a different kind of mindset.The more you learn, and get that contact high, the more illogical things get in the sense the kind of repetitive pain you're willing to inflict upon yourself really isn't normal, but you don't give a damn. It's the price of admission, it's where you go every time. You didn't know it in the beginning, but this is what you signed up for. 

The sport has such an impact, it rubs certain people the wrong way, even if they're not directly impacted. It's a crazy thing from your perspective, because at this point you're deep in the woods, and you can't see the forest from the trees. Quite frankly you really don't care, instead you just want more, and can't wait to go back for more. 

Then one day when it all seems to be unraveling before your eyes, you wonder if she was right when she asked, why can't you be normal. But the answer in your head immediately surfaces to the forefront with a resounding Fuck No!, You would've missed this crazy ass experience. Nope, you'd rather have a leg pulled out of your ass with no anesthesia instead of being normal. I'm just saying...

It's like going back home

The gym is where I belong, it's my retreat, my sanctuary. When I'm there I have my most lucid moments.There's nothing I can't deal that gets in my path, good or bad. This is my life, and my life's work in progress every single day. Why would I ever want to stop. I wouldn't, and I won't. 

I learned a life changing lesson many years ago from a marketing guru named Jay Abraham. At the time I was one of his clients, and was invited to one of his seminars. He had fifty companies there who forked out $5000.00 a pop that sent their top executives for the purpose of learning how to market their services more effectively. It was an intense two day seminar that lasted all day, both days. 

First of all, it blew my mind he could charge that kind of money for two days worth of work. But here are two things I walked away with that impacted my personal, and professional life to this day. One, he taught me if I was ever to market a service to a client, I needed to communicate its  uniqueness in twenty five words or less, otherwise I would compromise my business. 

The second lesson I learned was after the seminar, when we were having lunch. Jay mentioned his strategy and philosophy about his life and work. He said his work life revolved around the kind of personal life he wanted to lead, instead of the reverse. When I really thought about that concept, it was brilliant. He created an environment for his life where he had freedom, independence, and passion, both in his personal and professional life.  

That's exactly what I wanted. I immediately followed Jays advice modeling my life around his philosophy. My childhood dream was to be a pro athlete, but those dreams were dashed due to a career ending injury. But here's how I made lemonade out of lemons. I got into the sport of bodybuilding, which I fell in love with, became a personal trainer, and the rest became history. 

I created independence, freedom, and the life I still love and live today. No, I didn't make it as a pro athlete, but I competed in bodybuilding at the world level. My work as a personal trainer gave me the flexibility and scheduling  luxury to revolve my work life around my personal life where I could coach my kids and follow their sports careers. 

My personal training studio, even after thirty six years is still a place I go to every morning to work out, which doubles as my office, in addition a training studio where I have trainers who run the business. Turns out the life I've created has produced much more than a pro athletic career,  it's given me a livelihood I love to get up to everyday. It's like going back home. 

Trainer, protect yourself from your client... client protect yourself from your trainer!

Client's if you're looking for an expert trainer, don't assume they're legit. It's definitely not the norm in the industry, far from it. Speaking from someone who's been in the indusrty for ever, I have to tell ya, I've seen some pretty scary shit these fakers come up with. One way to protect yourself is to have your eyes open and beware at all times. Copy cat trainers are probably the scariest of the fake trainer species. 

Trainers, if you copy someone our somebody, not completely knowing what you're copying, you've just made yourself a triple hazard fake trainer. Otherwise copying or mimicking is not necessarily a bad thing because to a degree it's a good way to learn. But you should quantify what you copy, because it's about reference and perspective. Clients, pay heed.

The ideal training environment is to be able to focus on your training, but if you don't have a qualified trainer, and the right chemistry, you don't have shit. A good piece of advice when beginning a new endeavor like this is to be vigilant, and somewhat skeptical as a measure of self protection. 

Plan on entering into a relationship with your trainer as a test of faith. It's like those new shoes you have to break in, hoping like hell they work out. Truth is, your personalities may not fit well, like oil and water, which will definitely be a potential nightmare. 

Look, if this relationship between you and your trainer becomes a longtime proposition, in some cases you'll spend as much time with them as with your boyfriend, girlfriend or husband. So clients, beware, and protect yourself. By the way, this cuts both ways.Trainers, you should also be vigilant and skeptical.Training a new client in a sense is a dress rehearsal of sorts. Nothing worse than getting attached to a high maintenance client who is needy. Nightmare city!!!

If you really understood how your physiology worked

Here's the deal, either your body is in charge of you, or vice versa. It's really that straight forward, but extremely challenging and utterly confusing. On top of all that, there are misfits in the indusrty who masquerade as personal trainers, gurus, and life coaches. All these people do is muddle up the already murky waters. 

Otherwise why is it so damn difficult to make the body look and perform the way we want. Knowledge is power, first hand knowledge that is. Sometimes even with this said, it still can be a task at hand, but you gotta have that knowledge to really be able to figure out your body. 

Creating a training road map, which essentially is a documentation of how you eat and train, is a helpful tip for facilitating targeted results. Very much like a map you use to navigate, it immediately improves the probability for efficiency, minimizing mistakes. 

It's never an easy process developing your own training road map, because to some degree the map continues to change, because your body does, so it's an ongoing adventure, but the upside is fantastic. Your map will be a fast track for clarifying information in an objective way, for example identifying the best exercises to use for certain results.

In addition, your training road map can indicate, even predict certain tendencies, for example how your body will respond to various caloric intakes. This road map can produce objective feedback with a high degree of certainty such as  identifying proper percentages of protein, carbs, and fat intake, which definitely takes the guess work out of a program that's designed to produce specific results. 

So, the real distinction of a training road map, compared to a random training program, is much the same of knowing where your destination is and moving in the general direction, rather than look at a map which can get you there most efficiently. 

The 10,000 hour rule... practice till the cows come home

If you ask most people how long their sessions last each time they train with weights, typically it's an hour or even more. This is mortal sin number one. Mortal sin number two is if a personal trainer  trains their clients in the same way. An hour or more of weight training is a red flag of someone who's inexperienced.

Learning a new discipline such as weight training requires a certain amount of regimented consistency, and unwavering dedication, which over time produces quality of movement, markedly shortening the learning curve, in addition producing results.This is the deal breaker for most, but it's also the x- factor, and the price of admission so to speak. Bottom line, you gotta do the work. 

As you become more serious about weight lifting, you figure out that every exercise works to a degree, but to what degree? This is why consistency, and frequency will undoubtedly facilitate progress putting you on the proper path for achieving mastery, but maybe that's not your goal. 

My take on that is it doesn't matter. Why let good enough get in the way of great, because that's what happens to most. It's an easier ideal too commit to, but with less gratification and results. Think of it this way, you're going to be in the gym anyway, why not give everything, every time? Don't focus on the big picture of how long it will take, which could be a tad bit daunting, rather focus on the moments in front of you, the present if you will.

Why not aim for reaching your full potiental, it will have hidden benefits impacting you indefinitely in some way, shape, or form. Every discipline creates this potential, no matter the discipline. Finally, to add some sober reality, and perspective, it generally takes a person approximately ten years of practice to achieve mastery in a field. How good do you want to be?

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Visualization doesn't always work

The mind is one of the most powerful things, and no doubt can attract things you visualize, but it's counterproductive when performing, especially if you have to think about it. I never knew this until I went to Bulgaria where I watched the strongest Olympic lifters in the world train. 

I must admit, not only was this a once in a lifetime experience, it was fucking awe inspiring. To be up close and personal with the world's best lifters and coaches changed me forever. If I hadn't witnessed what I saw and learned, I would have never believed it. 

I spent ten days there, with the National Olympic team, and by the time I left, it seemed everything I learned about training was mostly wrong, but it was hard to dispute on any level their overwhelming success. You see, in only nine years Bulgaria, a small country, dominated the Olympic lifting world, which was significant considering they dethroned Russia, their long time nemesis.

The reason Bulgaria rose to dominance in such a short time was because of their out of the box forward thinking, and their cutting edge training methodologies. It was about application before theory, instead of the reverse. With this training philosophy, and first hand experience in the daily weight lifting trenches, they could quickly discover what really worked, way before the nerdy scientists who subscribed to theory first before application. This was a huge distinction, and obviously a game changer on the world stage. 

Among other earth shattering things, I learned that warming up before lifting heavy was a waste of energy. Interesting I thought, however one thing that stood out most was learning that visualization techniques were counterproductive as it related to Olympic lifting. WTF, that was completely opposite of what I thought I knew.

The reasoning they gave was concise, and based on how the physiology more efficiently performed at peak levels. Specifically it was not to think or visualize about what the athlete was attempting to lift prior to the action, rather to lift the designated weight repetitively prior to competition until it became second nature. The visualization, or thinking aspect was now eliminated, therefore leaving the athlete poised to react to the performed exercise, which produced immediate results.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Tear it down, build it up

Your body has an amazing resolve for survival. A good example of this is revealed when people abuse alcohol or cigarettes for years before any negative consequences, if any in some cases ever occur. But there are times when your body goes down in flames, however in the end for the very reason that it wants to protect you. 

Yes, at times your body will take drastic measures to get your attention, mainly because you continue to ignore early signs of danger in which your body is trying to alert you. Sometimes the human condition can be severely flawed, because of an unwavering mindset, which creates an environment where objective reasoning becomes compromised. This state of denial is a strong defense mechanism, and a powerful emotion that can be a double edged sword with leathel consequences. 

The key here is emotion, and knowing how to harness it so that it's used most effectively. When you have passion which is akin to emotion, you have at your finger tips a leathel weapon, which can be a good or bad thing!

If ever confronted with a crossroad where you have to make a lifestyle change because if you don't, it might kill you, you potentially have the perfect storm. Action, passion and emotion implemented  in a positive way will produce dramatic results, to the point your body will repair itself back to vitality. 

I only know this from first hand experiencge, as it relates to what  happened to me when I had three strokes in three weeks leaving me paralyzed, and at a major crossword. With passion, new motivation, and getting out of my own way, I was able to rebuild my mind and body, creating a new version of myself. This was and is confirmation of what can happen when there is a strong conviction, and proper mindset.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

You're outta order.. I'm outta order

Is your goal to tighten, tone, and condition the body? Exactly what does that mean? It could mean gain or lose weight, get a little stronger, improve endurance, and overall, to feel better. Most people fall into this category. If you or your trainer know what you're doing you can accomplish this in three hours per week, if you don't, it can take you a lifetime. 

There are many ways to skin this cat, all you have to do is look around. Every guru and their dog spot is all over the internet claiming so. Do this, do that, eat this way, eat that way. These idiots are so far outta order, and outta their league, it's not funny. Most of the information these fakers are spewing is based on their own limitedexperiences, which is potentially dangerous, because they know just enough to make themselves a real hazard. 

If you’re that person looking for the right trainer, be mindful of this because it's a legit concern in the health and fitness industry, and if you question what I'm saying, the stats speak for themselves. Gym accidents across America are on the rise, and it's directly related to fake trainers and dangerous gym environments.

You need a strategy for minimizing a bad experience, in addition increasing the chances of a positive outcome. Think of it this way, would you get married to the first boyfriend you kissed, or hand your baby off to a stranger to baby sit? I certainly hope not, but if you were, you gotta be willing to deal with the consequences. 

Be a part of your solution, gather data and be armed with as much accurate information that pertains to your health and fitness objectives before you put your hands with an expert. The internet is an obvious source, but as mentioned, it's also full of misinformation. From someone whose been in the personal training business for a long damn time, here's the sniff test, and what I'd do when looking for a legit fit for your needs.

Ask a boatload of questions. If you're going to a gym and want to hire one of their trainers, ask their level of experience and would they give you a free consultation. Most of all, if your dealing with a gym or personal trainer with integrity, they should be willing to offer you a free training session, and a money back guarantee. My advice to all of these fakers, is to get their house in order before attempting yours.

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Know the rules before you break them... The the stages of mastery.

You're only as good as your form and technique, which means you should learn how to train from that perspective. Full range of motion, strict form, and in control. Once you master that process, you're ready to take another step. Quality of repetition before quantity, meaning feel every movement you make, from the first rep to the last rep, first set to the last one.

This phase will take a good amount of time to become adequate, and a lifetime to master. During this phase of training what starts becoming apparent and necessary is the development of discipline. You'll have to come to grips with the reality that you need to try every possible exercise to see how your body responds, because I assure you, you just might miss out on discovering that magical exercise, or exercises that produce consistent results. This process takes years and thousands of reps, blood, sweat, and tears.

If you make it to this point, its time to make yet another leap of faith and find out how nutrition impacts your weight training. You have now entered into phase two. If you thought learning about weight training was an arduous task, buckle up, the games are about to begin. The nutrition phase will be trickier in some sense to rap your brain around, because unlike weight training, most of what you try you won't feel immediately, plus it will take some time to see the difference. 

Mastering the macros to a degree where you understand the why when something you experiment with that should work but doesn't, not only requires time and patience, but it demands objectively, directly in the face of subjectivity, surrounded by it makes no sense at all. 

The thing that makes nutrition so unbelievably challenging is emotional stability, or lack thereof. How in the hell you wonder can freaking out about gaining weight make you store fat on your body, yet its true, WTF. In the end, you'll discover the secret for success among a few other things is knowing the numbers, you see, it's all about calories in, and calories out. This I promise you will go a long way in creating objectivity and emotional stability, which leads us into phase three, cardio conditioning. 

This is the easiest of the three phases to master. More cardio or less, verses high or low impact? Which cardio machine produces the best result in the least amount of time. Answer.  No more than twenty five minutes at one time. Low impact verses high, with moderate tempo, and it's all based on heart rate which is age dependent.There you have it. Does your trainer know this?

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Micro Circuit Training.... The most powerful way to train for fitness

The more you temporarily stress a muscle, the more it will respond. The stress can be created in various ways, be it through lifting heavy weight, verses lighter weight with more repetitions. Rest periods are a factor, in addition the amount of times a muscle is trained per week, even per day. These are all considered training stress factors.

The X- factor is knowing how to manipulate the training stress factors in a weight training regimen that gets the most performance out of each body part in the least amount of time.This is way easier said than done, but it can definitely be done assuming you understand the natural rhythm of the physiology. 

A few training rules to live buy are one, a fitness workout session should last no more than 30-45 minutes. Nine to fifteen total sets should be performed. Three body parts in no specific order should be performed in conjunction with one another. This is known as a training round, which can be the same or different body parts. When transitioning from one exercise to the other in a training round, rest periods should kept to a minimum.

Rest periods are only to be taken after each training round for no longer than sixty seconds, before beginning subsequent training rounds. A micro training circuit consists of three training rounds. A  30-45 minute training session is made up of three micro training circuits, and nine exercises. Exercises inside of each micro training circuit are to be performed three times in there entirety before moving on to other micro training circuits.

Micro circuit training is the most powerful way to produce results for fitness because of the volume of work (repetitions) performed in a 30-45 minute training session. The objective in a training session is to thoroughly exhaust each muscle group without causing the body to be overtrained, which is efficiently achievable with micro training circuits. All three micro training circuits are a microcosm of one another, and although each micro training circuit is independent, when trained together create synchronicity, producing dramatic fitness results.  

Stay tuned for more truth talking…

Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Don't worry about when you breathe

Sometimes you gotta just let your body do what it knows best.  Most of the time the brain is the problem, especially when you start over thinking. Humans are constantly getting in their own way, which usually translates to diminishing results.

An ongoing debate in the weight training industry is when should one breathe when performing repetitions. Typically the answer is to take a breath at the starting point of the exercise, releasing  air throughout the exercise until the repetition is completed, and repeating that same protocol  for each repetition performed thereafter until training set is completed. 

This advice is sound, but it doesn't necessarily produce the best outcome, because it causes the individual to focus on breathing instead of the exercise. So, what's the solution? One way is through repetition, in this case meaning teaching your body and brain what you want it to do, because repetition is the mother of skill. Let human nature take precedence, in most cases it's the right approach, because your body and brain are innate. In other words, your body and brain by its own nature know what to do, so get out of its way. It knows when to breathe. 

The only exception where this wouldn't apply are when bad habits have been learned to begin with, for example if you held your breath throughout the entire repetition or training set. Not only could this inhibit performance, but potentially be dangerous, because of intracranial pressure, otherwise known as pressure around the brain.

Let's be clear, it's not a problem temporarily holding your breathe, just not entirely. An easy way to execute reps and sets without wondering when and where you should breathe is to make sure some air is being released ever so slowly during the exercise. In order to make each repetition a perfect one, you need to focus on the muscle, not your breathing.

Is your angle right

Lifting weights properly like most everything else has a process when done efficiently to a point where you can produce and have the ability to reproduce training results pretty much at will. The training angle of an exercise plays an important role. The struggle for most people is the lack of discipline and patience to the the wherewithal to follow through. 

There are many stages of weight training one must endure before learning how different exercises impact individual body parts. It's definitely not a one size fits all proposition, because people come in all shapes and sizes.This is where a legit personal trainer earns their money because a good one  shortens the learning curve. 

Otherwise a methodical approach is the protocol. A good training tip for the average Joe and Jane is initially not to focus on lifting heavy, rather opt for lighter amount of weight where more repetitions, which should range from 10-15 reps are performed.This training strategy is more favorable for concentrating on form, technique, and training angles. 

Form and technique should always be a priority, because you're only as good as your form and technique. Once this is attained, incorporating new training angles would be the next phase of well thought out training regimen.This approach will develop a strong foundation and an infrastructure designed to adapt various training methodologies.

Whether you're trying to reach the pinnacle in attaining maximum fitness, or an athlete who wants to develope the competitive edge, it will all come down to this specific strategy of focusing on form, technique, and training angles. 

Making a personal commitment and being patient enough to develop a sound training regimen is the path less traveled, and deal breaker for most, but it's the right way to create something that will produce continued, ongoing results.

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)

Does your trainer really know about the three training components

There's a reason why almost all personal trainers are dead wrong in the way they train their clients. It's because they are clueless about the three training components. I'd would say half the trainers know something about the three components. Training is usually the one they most know about, yet not nearly what they should know. 

For example, most don't know the real difference between strength and volume training. Some don't even know the difference between a superset or a compound set. I would venture to say very few if any know you can train the same body part every five hours providing that the body part is not overtrained to begin with, which by the way is entirely possible if you're a legit trainer who knows their shit. 

Cardio conditioning is another area which trainers are confused. Most can't tell you how much you should do and the length of time before it becomes a muscle wasting exercise. Fake trainers can't tell you why a targeted heart rate is paramount when cardio training, simply because if it's too high, your body utilizes sugar rather than fat as it's energy source. 

And then you have nutrition, which is the most misunderstood of the three training components. Trainers are all over the place with this component, usually in the wrong place. The bottom line and  reason most trainers don't really know the ins and outs of the three training components is do to lack of first hand experience, as there in lies the real knowledge. 

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Best, The Truth Talker (Leo Costa Jr)