Automatic Fitness Plus

A lifestyle friendly health and fitness app that produces automatic results by adjusting the 3 crucial training components responsible for changing the body in the most efficient way.

  • Designed to work in harmony with the natural rhythm of the physiology which produces immediate and sustained results.

  • User and lifestyle friendly.

  • Produces and reproduces specific results with pin point accuracy based on client goals and objectives.


24/ 7 Customer Service With Real Live Personal Trainers Guiding Your Every Step

The 3 Training Components

AFP is comprised of 3 components responsible for changing the body in the most efficient way. These components are: Nutrition, Cardio Conditioning and Resistance Training. Although each component is effective when implemented singularly, combining multiple components concurrently produces a greater effect and is recommended.

AFP programs are specifically designed to automatically adjust according to individual goals and objectives, eliminating any guess work thereby creating a seamless process that is user friendly and results driven.

The Boosting Cycle

The secret sauce of AFP is the boosting cycles: Rev, Throttle and Idle, which is a designated time frame that manipulates implemented components for the purpose of minimizing plateaus, and facilitating results. Each boosting cycle varies from 2-4 weeks.

Rev-  A boosting cycle responsible for temporarily accelerating metabolism for the purpose of improving physiological performance.

Throttle - A boosting cycle that decelerates metabolism for the purpose of improving physiological adaptation.

Idle - A boosting cycle that facilitates recovery, for the purpose of enhancing performance of subsequent Rev and Throttle boosting cycles.

Nutrition: Meal Plans


The primary function of nutrition is "energy sourcing" the body with adequate fuel for high energy workouts and keeping it healthy, in addition helping the body recover from workouts, not to mention its function for fat loss, toning, and adding lean muscle.

AFP meal plans are personalized and meticulously designed with the goal of creating an eating strategy you'll want to stay on forever. Here's a little secret. You CAN EAT THE FOODS YOU LOVE and get in great shape! Here's the scoop. Our fitness experts are uniquely trained, and know how to manipulate the macros (protein, carbs, fat) in a way no one else does, creating meal plans that are completely user friendly, which translates into long term success. Simply put, the best plan is the one you stay on!

Cardio Conditioning


The primary function of cardio conditioning is to reduce fat, in addition eliminating lactic acid buildup as a result of resistance training exercises, which enhances recovery for upcoming workouts.

Monitor cardio plans that are scheduled in your calendar, check in for cardio which automatically alerts your trainers, track results and watch progress happen right before your eyes. It's that simple.


Resistance Training: Personalized Plans


The primary function of resistance training is to tone or add lean muscle, in addition improve metabolism function along with enhancing the body's ability for quicker recovery from workouts.

AFP delivers personalized training plans directly to your phone. Simply follow along with detailed videos, explaining exactly how to properly perform an exercise. Regardless if you're a Novice, Intermediate, Advanced, Bodybuilding or an elite athlete, ADP can be personalized for your specific goals and objectives. If you'd rather utilize ADP at home with little or no equipment, or a fully equipped gym, it can easily be integrated.


-Bonus Features-

Full Client Calendars


Scroll through your calendar and check out current and past plans at your convenience. You will receive alerts/emails the days you have a training plan to follow. Just simply go to your calendar in the AFP app and follow along daily. Check in and show that you’ve completed your plan for the day. This holds you accountable and alerts us that you're correctly following through. Rest assured, AFP health and fitness experts are with you every step of the way!

Track Results & Progress


Monitor your progress and results with a personal dashboard to track body weight, inches, workouts, calories burned, calories consumed and more. Syncs with Fitness Pal.


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This fitness app will take all the guesswork out, and provide you with the tools needed to get in the best shape of your life in just 3-4 HRS a week for just $1.

No in app purchases. No subscription needed. No catch.

  • 4 Week Weight Lifting Program

  • 3 Training sessions per week

  • Exercise glossary

  • Full app access with calendar

  • Check In/ Weigh In

  • App is available on IOS & ANDRIOD, worldwide.